Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Mercy me!  What to do with all those advertisements and catalogs!  Here’s an idea you will love!  And, it might encourage children to think about others rather than themselves.

Encourage your students discuss why they like to give gifts to others.  How does it make them feel when they do something special for someone they love?  Explain that they will each get to make a book of things they would like to GIVE to others.  You can use construction paper or cut wrapping paper into 8 ½” x 11” pieces.  Lay two sheets of white paper on top of a piece of wrapping paper.  Fold in half and staple.  Provide children with catalogs and store advertisements.  Let them cut out objects they would like to give others and glue them in their “Giving Books.”  Encourage them to label the presents with the recipient’s name.
 Adaptation:  Use a gift bag to make a giving book.  Cut the front and back off the bag.  Cut paper the size of the bag and give a sheet to each child.  After children draw or cut out pictures of presents they would like to give, staple their pictures in between the front and back of the bag to make a class book.