Wednesday, January 22, 2014


"ON” to Wisconsin last Thursday where I learned a GREAT technique for making flannel board activities. As long as I’ve been teaching, it’s refreshing to learn something NEW! 

Milk Filter Flannel Boards (Heather Hojnacki)
Buy milk filters at a farm supply store and cut into 8 ½” x 11” rectangles. These can be run through a copy machine to make story characters, math manipulatives, shapes, etc. The filters are easy to cut and store. Children can also make their own flannel board pieces by coloring on the filters with markers or colored pencils.

Driving in the Snow (Heather Hognacki)
After laminating highway letters and numbers, put shaving cream on the dotted lines. Children can “drive cars through the snow” for multi-sensory fun!

Counting the Days (Nancy Heitz)
(Tune: “99 Bottles”)
Use number magnets or other visuals to show how many days children have been in school as you sing.
         82 days of school on the wall, 82 days of school.
         Tomorrow we’ll take one and add one more,
         It will be 83 days of school on the wall.

Ready, Set, Switcheroo! (Siri Eck)
Here’s a new way to transition from one learning center to another.
Ready – Children put their work into their folder and get ready to move to a new center.
Set – Set the table for the next group.
Switcheroo – Move/switch to the new center.

Pre-Writing (Lindsay Lamb)
Hot glue pre-writing forms on file folders for children to trace.
*Use mini-golf pencils for better control.

Lucky Ducks Partner Sticks (Lindsay Lamb)
Put duck pictures/stickers at the top of craft sticks with children’s names. “You’re a Lucky Ducky, Bobby. You’re partners with Sue!”

Office Depot/Staples (Lindsay Lamb)
Ask to have notebooks cut in half. They will be small enough to keep in children’s toolboxes for daily journals at the end of the day.

Weekly Journal (Pamela Crowell)
Children can use a book made with 2 sheets of paper folded in half to help them learn the days of the week. Write the name of the day at the top and have children draw what they did. They can review the whole week at the end. If you add another page they can fill it in over the weekend at home.