Sunday, November 1, 2015


Twas the day after Halloween and all through the schools.
The teachers were happy and not losing their cool.
By Monday morning there should be no more sugar highs
And the teachers can get back to normal with a sigh!
This month on my website I’ll be sharing some traditional children’s circle games and songs. Why? It might look like children are playing, but these “little old songs” can also:
     *Build community and strengthen relationships
     *Foster self-confidence
     *Develop motor skills
     *Enhance oral language
     *Reinforce self-regulation and the executive function

There are free downloads for:
     The Farmer in the Dell
     The Wheels on the Bus
     London Bridge

“If your light shines, then pass it on and both will burn brightly.” With that thought in mind, I pass the torch on to you. I hope the songs, rhymes, and games will bring as much joy to you as they did to me as a child and a teacher!

Stiles Point Elementary
We Can Make a Circle (Tune:  "Lassie and Laddie")
We can make a circle a circle a circle.
We can make a circle and hold hands right now.
Hold hands with a friend, a circle never ends.
We can make a circle and hold hands right now.