Friday, May 8, 2020


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Party Time on Zoom

Start or end your day by teaching your children how to give an eye hug.
Wrap your arms around you, close your eyes, and smile!


Laura Buenodonna sparked my interest in games you could play with your children online. She wrote about "Musical Chairs" and "I Spy" yesterday. I've got a few more to add to your toolkit today.

Thumbs Up - Thumbs Down
You could use this to review information or ask children's opinions about books or other topics. If they agree with what you say they put their thumb up. If they don't agree they do thumbs down.
For example:
A beach ball is a sphere. (Thumbs up!)
4 + 3 = 2 (Thumbs down!)
I like bananas. (Thumbs up or down.)

Magic Number
Children use their fingers to identify the "magic number" in a math question.
For example:
How many days in the week?
How many little pigs?
If I had four cookies and I age one how many would I have left?
I want to have 8 crayons, but I only have 3. How many are missing?
Simon Says
Play the traditional game to focus children's attention and develop listening skills. Insert the teacher's name for Simon.
For example:
Mrs. Jones says put your hands on your knees.

Children take turns acting out nursery rhymes, titles of books, or other concepts.

Play Dough Play
Ask children to bring play dough to your online classroom. You can challenge them to make things that being with a particular sound, a shape, an amount, and so forth.
Scavenger Hunt
Give children different things to hunt for around their house and then return to their device. It could be colors, shapes, beginning sounds, science concepts (living or non-living), or any concept you are working on.

Name that Tune 

Children hum a tune and classmates try and guess the song.

Heads or Tails
Explain that the children need to put their hands on their "head" or on their "tail" (bottom). Flip a coin. If it lands on "heads" the children with hands on their head sit down. If it lands on "tails" the children with their hands on their tail sit down. Say, "Reset" and those standing put their hands on their heads or tails. The game continues until one child is left standing.

Don't Drop the Plate
Children put a paper plate (or piece of paper) on their head and try to balance it as they sing and dance.  When the plate falls they have to sit down.  Who can be the last one standing?

Going on a Trip
This is an old game that encourages auditory memory.  The teacher starts by saying, "I'm going on a trip and I'm taking (object). First child says, "I'm going on a trip and I'm taking (what the teacher said) and (names a second item).  The game continues as each child says the previous items and adds a new one.

If a child wins a game make a joke out of it by saying, "You are the grand prize winner of...NOTHING!"