Monday, August 15, 2011

Zipadee Doo Dah Bags

You are going to LOVE this idea!  It’s a quick and easy way to engage all the children in your classroom as you review information.

Every child will need a zipper bag (Hefty One Zip Click Gallon Size) and an answer sheet.  Cut paper 10” x 8 ½” and write letters, numerals, words, colors, shapes, etc. along the left side.  Adapt the answer sheet to specific skills and needs of your class.  For example, if your children are struggling with the numerals 11-20, then write the numerals 11-20.  Hint!  You will have to roll the paper a little to fit it in the bag.

When you have a few extra minutes ask the children get out their “zipadee doo dah” bags.  As the teacher calls out a word, letter, math fact, etc. the children slide the zipper to the correct answer and hold up their bags.  The teacher can quickly glance around the room and check their responses.   (It would actually be OK with me if they looked at someone else’s if they didn’t know the answer.  It might help them learn!)

Last week a teacher suggested making a number line on the answer sheet so children could zip to the “answer” as the teacher called out math facts or number stories.

Good Morning Chant -Cheryl L. Hines, Kansas City, MO, Schools
(Clap your hands as you say this chant.)
We are a family. 
We are a family.  (Children repeat.)
A classroom family.
A classroom family. (Children repeat.)
You are my family.  (Point to all your friends.)
You are my family.  (Point to all your friends.)
I’m glad you’re here.  (Hug self.)
I’m glad you’re here.  (Hug self.)