Wednesday, December 18, 2019





I bet most of y'all don't even remember that cheer.  It was a big one when I was a cheerleader back in the 60's.  Cheers may change, but some things never change, just like your excitement about your upcoming vacation.  

I looked through past blogs and found a few cheers for you to do today.  Let out some energy and keep on the sunny side!

Popcorn Cheer (Kristen Reed) 
The popcorn cheer is the perfect way to release wiggles before they explode. The teacher says, “Assume the position,” as all the children squat down on the floor. The teacher points quickly to each student and she/he jumps up and yells “POP” and then squats back down. After pointing to every child the teacher says, “EVERYBODY!” and they all jump up and say, “POP!”


Mitten Cheer
This is a quiet way to teach the children to cheer.  Thumbs up and palms open facing each other.  Pretend to clap stopping about 2" from each palm as if wearing mittens.

Cheer! (Debbi Smith)
Pat yourself on the back.
Shake your own hand.
Point to yourself and say, “Very good job!”

Three Cheers
Give me cheer number one! (Children yell and cheer in a regular voice.)
Give me cheer number two! (Children cheer a little softer.)
Give me cheer number three! (Children wave their arms and do the silent cheer with their mouth wide open but not making a sound.)

Super Star (Teresa Palmer)
Reach for the stars. (Reach up in the air.)
Catch it! Grab it! (Pretend to grab something.)
Stick it! (Pretend to lick and stick to forehead.)
Super star!


Animal Cheers
Seal of Approval – Extend arms in front of you and cross them over each other. Clap as you make a barking noise.

Elephant Cheer - Stick one arm out straight from under your chin. Put top lips over bottom lip as you blow and make a trumpeting sound.
Snake Cheer – Palms folded together next to your chest. Keeping them together wiggle them out as you make a “Ssssss” sound. Stick your tongue quickly in and out of your mouth.

Tiger Cheer – You’re GGGRRREEEAAATTT! (Stick fist in the air.)


Rocket Cheer (Aurora Sta Ana)
Clap up. (Clap up.)
Clap down. (Clap down.)
Clap left. (Clap to your left.)
Clap right. (Clap to your right.)
Up. (Thumb up make a hissing sound.)
Down. (Thumb down make a hissing sound.)
Left. (Thumb left make a hissing sound.)
Right. (Thumb right make a hissing sound.)
BOOM!!! (Both hands in the air as you shout boom!)