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Sunday, June 12, 2011

License Plate Rubovers

Happy Sunday!

I saw a license plate from Alaska this morning and was reminded of this activity.  Children take a white sheet of paper and place it over a license plate.  Take the paper off an old crayon and rub over the license plate in one direction with the side of the crayon.  Waa laa!  Children can identify the letters, numerals, and state.  (Obviously, this will need to be supervised!)

It's also fun to make rubbings of the bottoms of tennis shoes.  Cut these out and use them to make a bulletin board called "These feet were made for walking."  Children could also write or dictate stories about "If shoes could talk..."

We saw a play last week called "Gospel at Colonus."  We LOVE gospel music!  Anyway, one of my favorite lines was:  "Life is short.  Try to be happy!"  Do something to make yourself happy today!  :)