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Friday, December 21, 2012


I was listening to the lyrics of Christmas song on the radio and it squeezed my heart.

“Toyland, Toyland, dear little girl and boy land.  Once you leave Toyland, you can never return again…”

It reminded me of the magic of working with young children.  They are full of hope and dreams and nothing is impossible.  The world is a wonderful place, everyone loves them, and we are all friends.

The song was also a reminder that children only have once to be four, five, or six.  They have a lifetime to sit in front of a computer.  And that’s why we have to sing, dance, play, and do everything we can to keep childhood alive!

Party time!  I know many of you will be having holiday parties today.  For some children, that's as good as it gets.  Smile, enjoy, and fa, la, la, la, la!