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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

OH, MI, OH, MI! (Oh, my! Oh, my!)

How about these great ideas from teachers in Columbus, Toledo, and Grand Rapids?

Thankful Song (Kathleen Lambrix) 

(Tune: “Are You Sleeping?”)
I am thankful.
I am thankful.
For so much.
For so much.
For the world that I see.
For my friends and family,
I say thanks!
I say Thanks!

Thank You Poem (Candy Outman)

God made the sun. (Hands over head.)
God made the sea. (Wave hand.)
God made the fishes. (Palms together and wiggle.)
God made me! (Point to self.)
Thank you for the sun.
Thank you for the sea.
Thank you for the fishes.
Thank you for me!

Vowel Glove (Kelly Swayze and Cristina Rodriguez)

(Tune: “Old MacDonald”)
These five letters are the vowels
A – E – I – O – U …and sometimes Y.
Write A, E, I, O, U on the fingers of a glove and wiggle when you sing. On the back of the glove make a Y.

Itchy Itchy (Sean Kellog)

Itchy itchy (Make itching movements.)
Sneeze a-choo. (Pretend to sneeze.)
We love learning.
Yes we do! (Fist in the air.)

Shoes and Socks (Denise Posey)

Put a cut PVC pipe in a shoe to act as the ankle. Cover with a sock and place inside a small child’s shoe so they can practice tying.

Buzz Game (Angela Clouse)

Write word wall words/numbers/letters on colored index cards. (Write each category on its own color.) Add cards that say “Buzz.” Students take turns drawing cards. If she can read the card, she keeps it. If not, it goes on the bottom of the stack. When someone draws “Buzz,” all that person’s cards go back in the pile.
*Write ABC’s with green, numbers with purple, sight words with red, etc. 

Dismissal Chant (Nikki Ravenscraft)

Child’s name, child’s name, jump up and down, jump up and down.
Child’s name, child’s name, jump up and down, jump up and down and wash your hands.

Tooty Ta Articulation (Trish Willford)

Tie “Tooty Ta” in with IEP sounds.
Kooty – ka
Shooty – sha

Alphardy Class Book (Bev Junge)

Make a class book with pictures of children doing the activities in the “Alphardy” song.
*Buy laser cat toys and use as a pointer.

Letter Ring (Lori Brown)

As children learn letters put them on a binder ring. Add a new one each week so it builds up. Send home weekly to review with parents.

Hands Down for Letters (Theresa Weaver)

As students come to the carpet they put their right hand on the floor. Stamp a letter on the back of their hand. Children can name the letter, make the sound, or say something that starts with that sound. When it’s time for the pledge they know the stamped hand goes on their chest. (They are also learning “chest” which is a tough body part to remember.)

Fancy Words (Katy Campbell)

Put a boa around the window and label it “Fancy Words.” Put jewels on higher-leveled words and then put the definition. 

Good Morning (Allie Kominek)

G – O – O – D M – O –R –N –I –N –G
Good morning (clap, clap).
Good morning (clap, clap).
*Let students pick how to say it. For example, monster voice, high pitch, etc.

Syllable Practice (Cristina Rodriguez)

Chin it! (Hand under chin.)
Clap it! (Clap syllables.)
Count it! (Hold fingers for syllables.)
Check it! (Put chin it and count it together.)

Our School Is Great (Laura Flatt)

Our school (teacher, room, etc.) is great, great! (clap)
Our school is great, great! (clap)
Who’s great? (Point out with pointer fingers.)
We’re great! (Point to self with fingers.)
Yeah, (school or mascot)! (Arms above head and shake.)

Cruise Cheer (Kaitlin Schmitz)

Studen’ts name.
You’re a song. (Drive steering wheel.)
You make me want to roll (Roll down windows.)
My windows down and cruise! (Wave hand and arm out window.)

Teen Song (Nichole Hansen)

(Tune: “If You’re Happy”)
When the 1 is in the front it’s a teen.
When the 1 is in the front it’s a teen.

Except for 10, 11, 12
Those are numbers all themselves.
When the 1 is in the front it’s teen. 

Class Cheers (Abby Nash)

Let students create their own cheers.
Ladybug Cheer: “1, 2, 3 (clap).” Put fingers like antennae on head.

Letter Sounds (Angie McKenzie)

(What does the “Fox” say?)
What does the “a” say?
What does the “B” say?