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Saturday, January 24, 2015


Look up!  Look down!  Look all around at the art displayed at the California Pk,K,1st Conference in Santa Clara last week.  (What a clever twist to have the snowmen looking up!  The children then wrote about what they saw.)

I've done crayon rubbings on leaves before, but I've never done them with several different colors of crayons.  Lovely!

And what a great way to integrate art and science.  The children created unique rainbows using ROY G. BIV.  (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)

Here are my new besties from the CAK Conference!


Meet my new BFF's from Burton Hill Elementary in Forth Worth, TX.

If Your Mouth Says It... (Mechelle Burg)
If your mouth says it...(Point to your mouth.)
Your brain learns it! (Point to your brain.0

Octopus Grip (Mechelle Burg)
Move your thumb and first two fingers like a squid in front of you. Tell your students, "We are going to use our octopus tentacles to hold our pencils" as you wiggle your fingers. Remind them, "Don't forget our octopus grip!"

Line Up Chant (Sing to "Buckle Your Shoes")
1, 2 I'm looking at you.
3, 4 I'm going to shut the door.
5, 6 You better get it quick.
7, 8 We don't want to be late.
9, 10 I don't want to say it again!

Why would I ever want to retire when I keep making such wonderful friends?

P.S. A teacher in CA requested I put the songs I used and the CDs where they could be found on my blog. Here they are!

Feeling Fine #2 Move It! Learn It!
Kick Box the ABC's #7 Better Bodies and Brains
Alphabet Remix #17 Move It! Learn It!
Karate Writing #11 Disk 2 Better Bodies and Brains
Zero the Hero #6 Just for Fun
Addition Pokey #22 Totally Math
Tooty Ta #11 Dr. Jean & Friends
Rules Rap #8 Is Everybody Happy?
Letter Pops #9 Better Bodies and Brains
Cool Bear Hunt #1 Silly Songs
“Alphardy” Inspired Book and Word Wall Visuals