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Wednesday, December 13, 2023


Does it seem like the closer you get to the holidays, the more the noise escalates in your classroom? Here are a few tips teachers have shared that they use in their classrooms. 

QUIET Man (Candace Reed)
Make "quiet man" with your fingers by sticking up pinky and pointer and touching thumb, ring man, and tall man. When the teacher holds up "quiet man" the children respond by making "quiet man" and focusing on the teacher.

Magic Triangle (Cathy Crady)
Remind children that they all have a magic triangle in their pocket. (Place pointers and thumbs next to each other to form a triangle.) When the children need to calm down ask them to take out their magic triangle and hold it in front of their mouth. Tell them to take a deep breath in through their nose, and then slowly blow through the triangle.

Body Check
Explain that it's important to listen with your eyes, ears, and bodies.

*Teacher: Are your eyes looking at me?
Children: Check!
Teacher: Are your ears ready to listen?
Children: Check!
Teacher: Are your bodies sitting quietly?
Children: Check!
Teacher: Are you ready to learn?
Children: Check!

Breathe through Your Nose
Tell children to slowly breath in and out their noses. It’s surprising how this will calm them – and they won’t be able to talk!

Self Control (Becky Gilsdorf)
Use this visual cue to help children who are out of control.
Cross hands over your chest. (Self)
Slide both hands down the sides of your body. (Control)
As the child repeats the movements silently it will calm them down.

Popcorn Cheer (Kristen Reed)
The popcorn cheer is the perfect way to release wiggles before they explode. The teacher says, “Assume the position,” as all the children squat down on the floor. The teacher points quickly to each student and she/he jumps up and yells “POP” and then squats back down. After pointing to every child the teacher says, “EVERYBODY!” and they all jump up and say, “POP!”

With a wiggle wiggle here
And a wiggle wiggle there
I wiggle my fingers around in the air.
I wiggle my shoulders up and down
I wiggle my nose and smile like a clown.
I wiggle my legs both left and right
I wiggle my thumbs with all my might.
With a wiggle wiggle here
And a wiggle wiggle there
Then I wiggle right down
And sit in my chair!

* I love to learn new things.  I recently met Jo Proffitt and she taught me this great wiggle break.  Thank you, Jo!