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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Kids love clipboards.  I guess they feel important when they carry one around.  You can make clipboards from corrugated cardboard and a butterfly clip.  Cut the cardboard any size you want (9” x 12” works well) and let the kids decorate with markers or crayons.  Attach paper to the clipboard with a butterfly clip.  You can use these on field trips, on a nature walk, or for classroom activities such as writing the room, taking notes, surveys, interviews, drawings, etc.  If you laminate a piece of white cardstock then the kids can use it like a wipe off board with dry erase markers.

Erin McCullough came to the workshop I did in Orlando yesterday and shared a great idea to use with "I've Got the Whole Alphabet in My Mouth."  She bought stove top covers at the dollar store and drew a face on them.  The children put the magnetic letters in the mouth as they sing.

Dea Dea Johnson had attended a Sea Lab workshop where she learned this chant to help children with the writing process.
Who knows the writing process?  (Open and close arms and clap as you step from side to side.
Who knows the writing process?  (Children repeat.)
I know the writing process.
I know the writing process.  (Children repeat.)

First step.  (Hold up 1 finger.)
First step.  (Children repeat.)
Brain storm.  (Touch your head and wiggle to the ground.)
Brain storm.  (Children repeat.)

Second step...(Hold up 2 fingers.) 
Write it down...(Write in your hand with finger and wiggle bottom.)

Third step...(Hold up 3 fingers.)
Edit your work...(Shake index finger authoritatively.)

Fourth step...(Hold up 4 fingers.)
Publishing...(Brush hands out in front of you.)

OH, YEAH!  (Hands on hips and wiggle with an attitude.)

Cori Goldstein and Andrea Howell TRIED to teach me how to do this hand clap game.  I definitely need to practice!
Big Mac
Filet o' fish
Quarter pounder
French fries
Icy Coke
Thick shake
and apple pie
and the dish ran away with the spoon
and the cow jumped over the moon
and now you know the tune...