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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A friend who is a pre-K teacher always asks her children these questions at the beginning of the year:
1.  How many of you have a television in your home?  How many of you have your own television in your bedroom?
2.  How many of you have a computer in your home?
3.  How many of you have your own pair of scissors? 

Yep!  You’re right!  Most every child has a television or computer, but only a few have a pair of scissors.  Many parents think scissors are dangerous, but they let their children watch violent television programs.  I don’t get it?  Anyway, here’s a great idea to share with parents.

Cutting Tub

Get a plastic tub from the dollar store and fill it with junk mail, catalogs, old greeting cards, scrap paper, etc.  Put a pair of children’s safety scissors in the tub and they can cut, tear, and be creative.  This way you can supervise scissors and encourage cutting at the same time.
More!  Add a hole punch or decorative scissors to the tub.

Table Tubbies

What do you do with those students who always finish their work early?  I loved this idea a teacher shared.  Get five plastic tubs and put different materials in each one.  For example:  puzzles, play dough, stringing beads, stamp pad and letter stamps, books, file folder games, shape blocks and pattern cards, etc.  When children finish early, they can get a tub and complete the activity. 

If your children are grouped at tables, you could do a tub for each table with several items for the children to choose from.  Create 4 or 5 tubs and then rotate them each week.  That way you’ll only have to prepare the tubs once a month.


Here’s a special request.  I know many of you took photographs at conferences I presented at this summer.  If you would send one to me or my webmaster I would like to use them on my home page for September.  Thanks!