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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I love blank books!   Why?  They are opened ended and a perfect way to challenge children at different levels.  They can be used to integrate reading and writing across the curriculum.  They certainly motivate children to want to read.  And, when they go home you have put a book in the home!  IT’S ALL GOOD!

Here is a simple way to make blank books for your classroom.  I particularly like these books because you can adapt the number of pages for the assignment.  For example, if you are making a book on the five senses, then you would use five sheets of paper; for the days of the week use seven sheets of paper; for the planets in the solar system use eight sheets of paper, etc.

Stack the paper and then staple each of the four corners.  Cut up the middle lengthwise and then cut widthwise.  Taa daa!  You have four little books!

To make long books, staple four times on the left side as shown.  Cut, and you will have books that will encourage children to write a “long” sentence.