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Monday, September 12, 2011


I’m sure most of you are familiar with this song.  The children love it, and they don’t realize they are learning as they dance and sing.

Nicole Bueno sent me this link for a YouTube video she made to go with it:

*I appreciate the fact that she asked permission before putting the music up there.  Many people don’t realize that my music is copyrighted and that I have to get permission from Progressive Media and Music.  The arrangements all belong to Mark Dye.

A fun activity to go along with this song is to have the children stand in a circle.  When the letter that their name starts with comes up in the song, they get to jump in the middle and break dance.

You could also make paper crowns and let each child decorate one with a different letter.  The children could wear these and then dance in the middle of the circle when their letter is sung. 

How about a rapper necklace?  Give each child a 6” cut out of a letter.  Let them decorate it with markers, stickers, glitter, etc.  Punch a hole, tie on a piece of string, and you’re ready to dance.

Use sign language or the signs from Animated Literacy, Visual Phonics, Jolly Phonics, Zoo Phonics… as you sing.

Make a book for children to follow along as they listen to the song.

However, my favorite idea for this song came from some teachers who performed it for an end of the year program.  They asked the children to bring in old white T-shirts, which they decorated with spots.  They made puppy dog headbands (ovals stapled to a strip of paper) and then they painted each child’s nose black.  They pinned a large letter on each child so they could run through a paper doghouse (square and rectangle with an arch cut in it pinned to the stage curtains)  as the song was fun.