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Monday, April 17, 2017


April 16th was National High Five Day, but you can start any day with a high five and a smile!  Wouldn't your kids be surprised if you drew a smile on your hand like this one?

High Five Cheer
Teach children how to give themselves a “high five” for a job well done. Hold up both palms facing each other in front of your chest. Pretend to wave with one hand as you hold up five fingers on the other hand. “Hi 5!” Get it? 

Pat on the Back
Trace around each child’s hand on construction paper and let them cut it out. Write a positive comment about each child on the hand and tape it to their back at the end of the day. Parents will be proud when they see their child’s “pat on the back.” 

Pickle Tickle Partner Game
Up high. (Give a high five up in the air.) 
Down low. (High five down by knees.) 
Cut the pickle. (One child touches fingertips horizontally as the other child pretends to slice in between.) 
Give a tickle. (Gently tickle each other.)