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Sunday, April 2, 2017


How about some tips for encouraging all those budding authors in your classroom?  Join me for FACEBOOK LIVE AT FIVE on Tuesday (4/4) to watch me demonstrate these activities and show you some of my favorite books I've made with children.

Who Knows the Writing Process?
(Children repeat each line to this chant as you open your arms wide and clap as you step from side to side.)
     Who knows the writing process?
     I know the writing process.

     First step. (Hold up one finger.)
     Brainstorm. (Hands on the side of your head and shake down.)

     Second step…(Hold up 2 fingers.)
     Write it down…(Pretend to write with index finger on palm.)

     Third step…(Hold up 3 fingers.)
     Edit your work…(Shake finger.)

     Fourth step…(Hold up 4 fingers.)
     Publish your work…(Brush hands together.)
     Oh, yeah! (Hands on hips with an attitude.)

Handy Edit
Teach children how to edit their work with this “handy” idea.
(Make a fist with your right hand to begin.)
1. If you started your sentence with a capital letter you can stick up your thumb.
2. If you read the sentence and it makes sense you can stick up your index finger.
3. If you remembered to put punctuation at the end you can stick up your pinky finger.
4. Then you can say, “I love my sentence.” (Turn your fist over and you will be making sign language for “love.”)

Chew and Write
Give children a piece of sugarless gum. Once they write their name they can open the gum and start chewing. They are allowed to chew the gum as long as they keep on writing!
Colorful Details
Encourage students to add color and detail to their illustrations by asking them to use as many colors in their books as they are in age.