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Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Need a few center ideas to keep the kids busy?

Recycle Catalogs
It breaks my heart to think of all those beautiful trees that went into making all the catalogs and advertisements you receive this time of year. Recycle them by integrating a cut and paste activity with skills you want to reinforce.

Letters - Find things with a particular sound.
Shapes - Cut out geometric shapes they find.
Words - Cut out words that they can read.
*Can they find words and make a sentence?

Wrapping Paper Tear
Take in scraps of wrapping paper and put them in a tub. Invite children to tear them and then glue them to a paper plate to make a collage.

Mystery Jar
Every year I get out my decorations and find a hand full of little holiday "junk." Put it in a jar and turn it into a learning activity.
*Children can draw what they see.
*Children can make a list of the items.
*Children can write stories using the items as prompts.

Scrap Box 
Want to keep children focused in a positive direction. Put out a scrap box with construction paper and other art media and challenge them to create cards for family members.