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Thursday, December 15, 2022


As the 2022 school year winds down so does my brain.  However, I wanted to give you something today that would be simple, meaningful, and full of LOVE and HOPE!  

Karen Eldred shared this idea for Rainbow Wishes several years ago at a workshop.  I think you'll all agree we need to do this now more than ever.

Close your eyes and make a picture of special someone in your brain. (Close eyes.) 

Rub your hands together slowly as you think of special someone. (Rub palms) 

Rub faster, thinking of everything you remember or love about them. 

Send them your LOVE. (Throw arms up in the air.) 

Grab the love and bring it back to your heart. (Cross arms over chest.) 

I’m sending each of you rainbow wishes for 2023!!!