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Thursday, December 18, 2014


Yes, Virginia, this is actually Bake Cookies Day. Here’s what says:

'Ya gotta just love Bake Cookies Day.........
..... Christmas is for Christians
..... Hanukkah is just for Jews
..... Ramadan is for those of Islamic descent
..... Kwanzaa is for those of African origin
..... Native American Day is for American Indians
But, Bake Cookies Day is for EVERYONE!

Play Dough – Put cookie cutters and play dough on a cookie sheet. Add a rolling pin (cylinder block), scissors, and plastic utensils. 
(Thank you, blog for reminding me about my mother's cookie cutters.  They were in the back of a cupboard and I never would have found them if it weren't for you.  Now, Kalina and K.J. can make some new memories with them!!)
Paper Ornaments – Put some cookie cutters, scissors, glue, and the scrap box out on a table. Let children trace around the cookie cutters, cut out their paper cookies, and then decorate with stickers or glitter pens. Punch a hole, tie on a string, and decorate the tree.

Graph – What’s your favorite kind of cookie? Do a bar graph and tally the results.

Recipes – Let children write their own “how to make cookies” recipes.

Descriptions – Give each child a cookie and ask them to draw what it looks like. Next, ask them to write 2-5 sentences describing their cookie. Finally, they get to eat the cookie!

What else? Read books or sing songs about cookies…or, just wait until a boring January day to do these things!!

Read, Read, As Fast As You Can! Here’s a cookie bulletin board that I saw last year at a school in Islip, New York. It’d be perfect for when you go back to school in January.