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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Pick a Pic
Put children’s photos on clothespins and store these in a cookie tin. Use the clothespins in name songs, games, to ask questions, and so forth. 

(Yep!  Kalina's and K.J.'s new school pictures.)
Name Nursery Rhymes
When doing nursery rhymes, substitute students’ names. For example:
“Joe and Bob went up the hill to …”
“Shannon be nimble, Shannon be quick…”
“Hey diddle, diddle, Alex and the fiddle…Ian jumped over the moon…”
“Little Miss Rosie sat on a tuffet…”
Substitute the names of school personnel, such as the principal, librarian, etc. 

Rut Row Game
This is a variation of a familiar game, but the kids love to bark like Scooby.
You’ll need an empty box of dog biscuits (or a cereal box), index cards, and a few pictures of Scooby Doo. Write words, letters, math facts, phrase cards, or whatever you want to reinforce on the index cards. On a few of the cards glue Scooby. Pass the box around and one child at a time pulls out a card and reads it. They can keep it if they are correct. If they pull out a Scooby Doo card they say, “Rut Row” like Scooby and put their cards back.

Air Hug
When you say, “Give me an air hug” the students open arms and pretend to squeeze themselves.

Eye Hug
Students hug themselves and squeeze their eyes and smile.

I Love You!
Here’s another way to say, “I Love You!” in sign language. Kiss your fist and then point to a child. Sweet!

Check It Out! Cheer
Use this cheer when a child answers a question correctly:
“Check it out! Check it out!
Child’s name knows what he’s (she’s) talking about!”
Pretend to touch index finger to tongue and then hold up as you say,
“Psssss!” (Like it’s really hot!)

Classroom Song (Tune: “Shortnin’ Bread”)
We like grade level.
We learn things at school.
Reading, writing, ’rithmetic,
It’s always cool.

We like recess,
We like lunch.
We like P.E.
A big, big, bunch!

Art and music 
Computers, too.
Library books
And reading with you!

Learning good manners
And how to be a friend.
Choosing the right way
Again and again!

Rainbow Wishes (Karen Eldred)
*Use this idea for a friend who is sick or for someone special.
Close your eyes and make a picture of special someone in your brain. (Close eyes.)
Rub your hands together slowly as you think of special someone. (Rub palms)
Rub faster, thinking of everything you remember or love about them.
Send them your LOVE. (Throw arms up in the air.)
Grab the love and bring it back to your heart. (Cross arms over chest.)

I’m sending each of you rainbow wishes for 2015!!!