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Monday, December 1, 2014


NEUROBICS is a term for exercises for the brain. Kids are full of wiggles this time of year, so I’ve got some videos, songs, and activities on my website that will activate children’s brains and release all that energy. You can watch me on the video or use the arrangement with your students. You’ll also find the instrumental version so you can change the words or translate to another language. Happy singing and moving!!


Use this song to start your day and to help children focus.


Here’s a fun song to use as a transition any time you have a few extra minutes.


This is a “calm down” song that’s a sweet way to end your day.

Many of you have been asking when my songs will be available on iTunes. Good news! Here’s a message from my webmaster extraordinaire with links in time for the holidays:
Dr. Jean has worked to make her music easily accessible for the many teachers and parents who wish to enthuse their students and children. As a result, she has arranged to have her albums posted on iTunes. You will find her albums and singles listed there for download. The downloads and the CDs are still all available on her web site in the Song Store as well.  This link ( ) will take you into iTunes and directly to the Monthly Mix for December which contains fifteen holiday songs for your students and children. Once you reach the page with the Monthly Mix, you will be able to view all of the albums and singles posted on iTunes.  Remember, once you purchase a download on iTunes, you can visit Dr. Jean's web site and click the Lyrics button to download lyrics for all of the songs. You will also find printed activities for each album on Dr. Jean's web site. Just use the Search Dr. Jean's Site button at the bottom of the home page.