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Saturday, October 3, 2020


I just love the thought of DO SOMETHING NICE DAY. Our world certainly needs that right now!

Here are some ways to encourage your children to share a little kindness to the world on October 5th - or any day! 


Start Monday morning by explaining that it's DO SOMETHING NICE DAY.  Have your children brainstorm what that means.  Write down their comments and suggestions.  

Here are adaptions of simple activities I found on the internet.

1. Say something nice to someone.

Compliment Circle
Go around the classroom (or online) and take turns saying something kind to classmates.

2. Do a small kind act for someone. 

Kindness Kids
What is a KINDNESS KID?  
Let them draw pictures of how they can be a kindness kid.

Kindness Ticket
How can they do a kind deed at home?  
Run off blank kindness tickets for them to pass out to family members.  
*You can download these at:

2. Draw a picture or write a note to someone, such as a friend, family member, neighbor, grandparent, etc.

3. Call someone or send them a text or email. Tell them something that you like about them.

4. Treat yourself. Do something nice for yourself!

5. Smile at someone - anyone!

6. Do some cheers.

7. Tell some jokes and make someone laugh.

8. Donate - collect old books, canned goods, etc.

9. Be kind to your pet.

10.  Ask every student to say one nice thing to their teacher!!!