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Friday, October 9, 2020


Someone mentioned an adaption of the "Guacamole" song for Halloween and I thought that would be fun. I asked teachers on FB if they had any good ideas and they did! One teacher mentioned that they couldn't do Halloween at their school. Hmmm? How do I keep everybody happy? I'll make TWO - one called Guacamole Halloween and one called Avocado Autumn. You can take a look at the lyrics below and then decide which version would be more appropriate for your class.


AVOCADO Halloween!

Form the pumpkin
Carve the pumpkin
Jack-o lantern, funny jack o lantern

Form the mummy
Wrap the mummy
Walk like a mummy

Form the skeleton
Dance the skeleton
Shake your bones

Form the brew
Cook the brew
Stir the brew - oooooo

Form the cave
Go in the cave
Bats and spiders

Put on your costume
Go trick or treat
Eat the candy eat all the candy

Form the avocado
Peel the avocado
Guacoween – happy Halloween!


Form the tree
Falling leaves
Rake the leaves

Form the pumpkin
Cook the pumpkin
Pumpkin pie – make pumpkin pie

Form the scarecrow
Dress the scarecrow
Dance the scarecrow

Form the apple
Dip the apples – make candy apples
Eat the apple

Form the football
Throw the football
Catch the football

Form the nut
Crack the nut
Squirrels eat the nuts

Form the avocado
Peel the avocado
Guacamole - eat the guacamole and have an awesome autumn!