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Friday, October 23, 2020


I know that some of you are not allowed to dress up on Halloween or celebrate this year, but here's an idea that could make October 31st - or any day - a little more fun.  Ginny McLay shared this with me when I was in New Hampshire several years ago and I think it could be adapted to online or in person.

Vocabulary Word Costume!
Ginny McLay and was inspired by her love of vocabulary to help her kids love learning new words with a costume party.

After focusing on words (synonyms, antonyms, nouns, verbs, and adjectives) invite children to think of a word that they LOVE, ADORE, AND ADMIRE and create a costume for their word.

Easy steps to make a costume!

1. Think of a few words that are really interesting.

2. Choose a word that you can make into a costume.

3. The word and definition must be somewhere on the costume.

4. Practice the word and definition

My word is _____. It means:_________.

Ideas for costumes:

1. Write the word and definition on a headband.

2. Write the word and definition on a piece of paper and make a necklace out of it.

3. Write the word and definition on a t-shirt and decorate with fabric paint.

4. Write the word and definition on a brown paper bag…cut it like a vest!

5. Use a costume you already have at home and think of a great word. Write the word and definition on a sash.

Can you tell? "Mysterious" and "celebrate"?

Another substitute for Halloween for younger children might be to have a nursery rhyme party. Children could all dress up like their favorite nursery rhyme character and then take turns reciting their rhyme.