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Thursday, October 1, 2020


Everybody knows about that big holiday at the end of October, but there are some other special days that you can celebrate this month.  I'll share some suggestions for these holidays in the upcoming weeks.  

Note!  Of course, you'll be able to adapt them to any day, any learning situation, or any age level.

October 2 World Smile Day

October 3 World Card Making Day

October 5 Do something Nice

October 12 Columbus Day

October 16 Dictionary Day

October 21  Count your Buttons Day

October 27  Tell a Story Day

GET READY FOR SMILE DAY TOMORROW!  Here are some simple ideas to put a smile on your children's faces.

Put on a Happy Face
Yes, your smile can set the tone for the whole day, so put on a happy face.  Sometimes you have to be part actor or actress and "fake it til you feel it."  

Smile Break
When children are inattentive, help center them with a smile break. Tell them to look at the clock or use the timer on your phone as they smile for 30 seconds. 

*You can also ask them to hug themselves, freeze, or do other motions for a specified amount of time.

Recall with a Smile
Have children close their eyes. If they can see something new they learned they can open their eyes and smile at you.

High Five Smile
Teach children how to give themselves a “high five” for a job well done. Hold up both palms facing each other in front of your chest. Pretend to wave with one hand as you hold up five fingers on the other hand and smile. (“Hi 5!” Get it?) 

Smiley Cheer
Take your index finger and pretend to poke two eyes in the air as you make a clicking sound.  Make a curved smile with your pointer under the pretend eyes as you whistle and then give a big smile.

Give Yourself a Smile
Ask children to draw a picture of their face without a mouth.  Take a pencil and draw a frown on the face.  How does that look?  Erase that frown!  Now, take a red crayon and draw a big smile on the face.  Which one looks better?  Which one would you want for a friend?


Smile Hug  
Smile, close your eyes, and hug your shoulders.

Ha! Ha! He! He! (Tune: “Pretty Little Dutch Girl”)
I smile because I’m happy, (Smile.)
As happy as can be.
I smile because I like myself. (Point to self.)
I smile because I’m me!

I laugh because I’m happy,
As happy as can be. (Ha! Ha!)
I laugh because I like myself.
I laugh because I’m me! (Ha! Ha!)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. (Hold stomach and fake laugh.)
He he he he he he.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
He he he he he he.