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Friday, October 2, 2020


WORLD CARD MAKING DAY is October 3rd, but teaching children how to make cards is the perfect way to integrate writing and art any day. You’ve heard the saying, “If you give a child a hammer she will find a million things to hammer.” If you teach children how to make a simple card they will want to make birthday cards, get well cards, thank you cards, invitations…. Put out the paper, markers, crayons, and scrap box and let them explore.
Hint! If your school doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day this provides another opportunity for children to make notes for friends and family members.

Basic Card
As simple as it seems to you, many children don’t know how to make a basic card. Demonstrate and then guide them to fold a sheet of paper (white paper or construction paper) in half and then into fourths as shown. Explain that they can write on the card or illustrate it with markers and crayons. Remind them to be sure and sign their name!

Hint! Kids really love envelopes, so if you go by a copy center they may donate envelopes that have been misprinted.
Children will also enjoy doing "fancy writing" on their cards where they put small dots on the end lines of letters.

Pop Up Card
This one is a little more complicated. (I usually cut construction paper in half to make this card.) Fold the paper in half. Cut two 1 ½” slits from the center fold as shown. Take that center tab and fold it inside. When you open the card it will pop up. Show the children how to write on the front of the card and then glue a separate graphic to the pop up tab.


Recycle Cards

Ask parents to send in old greeting cards.
    *Cut off the front and punch holes around the edges to make sewing cards.
    *Cut into puzzle shapes.
    *If cards have a relief children can do crayon rubbings.

Writing List
Provide children with writing lists for common words they will want to know how to spell when they make cards.

Holiday Card Center

Create a center where children can make cards for different holidays.  Place the writing materials (crayons, markers, paper, pencils, construction paper, stickers, scissors) in a tub. Make a seasonal picture dictionary similar to the one shown. Add a class directory with students’ names and photos.