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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Today is National Nut Day, but those of you with peanut allergies don’t have to worry about this blog. Here’s a nutty song for you!

I’m a Nut
I’m a little acorn brown
Lying on the cold, cold ground.
Everybody steps on me.
That is why I’m cracked you see.
I’m a nut. Click! Click! (Move head from side to side as you click your tongue.)
I’m a nut. Click! Click!
I’m a nut, I’m a nut,
I’m a nut. Click! Click!

Called myself up on the phone (Extend pinky and thumb and hold to ear like phone.)
Just to see if I was home.
Asked myself out on a date.
Said to be ready about half past eight.
I’m a nut…

P.S.  I can't upload long videos on my blog, so that's why I could just sing one verse.

Activities: What happens if an acorn gets buried? It just might grow into a big oak tree.
Take a nature walk and look for nuts on your playground.
Bring in a bag of mixed nuts for children to sort, count, and crack.
*Be aware of nut allergies in your classroom! You could even have a discussion of what it means to be allergic to something and why you have to be careful about allergies.