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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Want kids to get excited about learning letters and sounds? Well, just try this rap and you’ll see some enthusiasm.

Happy Birthday Letters   (Totally Reading CD)
Yo, A,
It’s your birthday. (Bend over like a rapper.)
Let’s all read
Like your birthday.
/a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ (Fists together and make circular motion clockwise.)
/a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ (Fists together and go counterclockwise.)
Yo, B…etc.

*Have children stand in a circle. When the letter their name starts with comes up in the song, they get to dance in the middle of the circle and break dance.

*Pass out a magnetic letter to each child. When the letter is sung in the song they can put their letter on the board.

*Fist bump sign language letters as you sing.

*Cut out a birthday cake and cut a square in the middle as shown. Put magnetic tape on the back. Attach this to a magnetic board and let children choose letters and sing sounds.