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Saturday, October 11, 2014


Wake up!  It's game day!  Time to make some pompoms and cheer and learn!

WHY? small motor skills; reading and math skills; exercising the brain
WHAT? paper lunch sacks, scissors, crayons or markers, rubber bands
HOW? Draw lines from the top of the lunch sack to the bottom flap about ½” apart. Let children decorate their bags, and then cut down on the lines. Place the flap face down on the table and roll. Wrap a rubber band around the bottom section to make a        handle. (You can also use tape to secure the handle.) “Squinch” the strips and shake like pompoms. Use to engage children, release wiggles, and reinforce skills with the activities below. 

Hint! Let children paint or decorate pom poms with their favorite team colors.

Songs – Use for “Who Let the Letters Out?”, “Phonercise,” “The Vowel Cheer” and other letter chants and songs.

Cheer Words – Move and shake pompoms as you spell out names or high frequency words.  Give me a G. ‘G’ I’ve got a G, you’ve got a G.
Give me an O. ‘O’ I’ve got an O, you’ve got an O.  
Give me a T. ‘T’ I’ve got a T, you’ve got a T. 
What’s it spell? GOT!” 

Letter Aerobics- Put pompoms in the air for letters that start at the top dotted line, on your waist for letters that start at the middle dotted line, and down low for letters with a tail that go below the line. Use for singing the alphabet forward and backwards and spelling out words.

Syllables – Clap out syllables in words using pompoms.

Compound Words – Extend pompoms and say each word; then bring together and say the compound word.

Segmenting and Blending Sounds – Put pompoms together and say a word, such as “sat.” Take away the /s/ and put an /h/ there.

Invisible Writing – Write letters, numbers, and words in the air with your pompom. (Children call this “air brush” writing!)

Patterns – Clap out math patterns and have children repeat or extend.

Skip Counting – March and shake pompoms as you skip count.

Partner Patty Cake – Have children choose a partner. Play some music and have children clap, patty cake, and make other motions with their partner using their pompoms.

Directions – Have children follow directions with their pompoms. Can you put them on your head? Can you put them behind you? Can you put one on your shoulder and one on your knee?