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Friday, October 31, 2014


Herbie is winning football games and his Husker fans had some winning ideas to share with me this week in Omaha. I was also in Kansas City, and they were pretty pumped about Sluggerrr!  The Royals might not have won the World Series, but they won the hearts of their fans this season.

Scat the Cat Hand Motions (Nancy Wortmann)

As you tell the story of Scat the Cat (just search it on my blog) the children can make these motions.
I’m Scat the Cat. (Thumbs under armpits)I’m sassy and fat. (Move hands for wide and fat and shake hips.)I can change my colors (Pretend to wave a wand.)Just like that! (Clap hands and you change the cat into a different color.)
Friends for Block Play

Friends for Block Play (Kara Grof)

Take a full size picture of the children and laminate. Put a butterfly clip on the bottom so the children can use them in the block area.

Roller Coaster Cheer (JulieAdamson)

On the roller coaster cheer add loops, bumps, or twists.

Rhyming Practice (Keri Rasby)

Pat left leg and say a rhyming word. cat
Pat right let and say a rhyming word. bat
Roll hands in the middle and say both words. cat, bat
Say they rime and clap hands. They both say at.

Usher Sings the ABC’s (Jesie Rosenmeyer)

This is a great video for kids to move and learn with Usher and the Sesame Street gang.

Ants in Your Pants (Becky Preston)

Here’s another movement video that your students will enjoy.

Hundreds, Tens, Ones

Hundreds, Tens, Ones (Kristi Laporte)

Use styrofoam cups to do ordinal numbers. Insert 3 or 4 cups as shown and write numerals on the rims. Children twist them around and read the numbers (hundreds, tens, ones).
*You can use the cups in a similar way for word families.
Letter Party (Jen B.)
At calendar have a party for a different letter each day. Pass out name cards to the children. If they have the letter in their name they get to go to the party. If their name starts with that letter they get to be king or queen and wear a crown. If they don’t have that letter they go to the basement.
*After doing first names you can use last names.

Happy Birthday Letters Center (Kim Mattingly)

You will need a birthday bag and magnetic letters for this activity. As you introduce letters place them in the bag. Place the bag in a center. Children take turns pulling out a letter and then their partner has to sing it in the “Happy Birthday Letters” song.
*Use the song with high frequency words.

Yo, go, it’s your birthday.Let’s spell like it’s your birthday.G – o spells go. G – o spells go

Letter Tins (Candi DeLancey)

Store magnetic letters in a tackle box. Give students oven burner covers so they can build words.
*Candi has a set of four tackle boxes for each of the four table groups so they can do this as a class.


Notebags (nelsonb@esu8)

Use lunch bags to make a notebag. Add a pipe cleaner handle and under the flap punch 2 holes. Take colored yarn 10” long and string through the holes. Cut plain paper 4” x 3” and punch holes in the paper and tie with the yarn to make a bow. Write notes home to tell the parents what the child did at school. The parents can also write notes back to the teacher.
*Let the children decorate the bag with their name and picture.

Color Birds (Brenda Dowthitt)

(Put index fingers in the air in front of you to begin.)
Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill. (Fingers out in front.)
One named Jack and one named Jill. (Wiggle fingers.)
Fly away Jack. (Put one finger behind you.)
Fly away Jill. (Put the other finger behind you.)
Come back Jack. (Bring one finger back.)
Come back Jill. (Bring other finger back.)

*Change the colors of the birds. For example: Two little yellow birds…

Rainbow Chant and Write (wenoneill@kearneycats)

Use rainbow writing as you sing the “Chant and Write” math song. Trace over numerals with red, orange, yellow, green, etc.