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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Last week I spoke at the KTOT (Kindergarten Teachers of Texas) Hu-Latta Learning Conference in Corpus Christi. It was a GREAT conference and I met a Hu-latta FANTASTIC teachers!!! 

My flight arrived early enough for me to sing at Calallen East Elementary. What precious, precious children – what enthusiastic and committed teachers!!! Every child sang and participated because Mrs. Murphy the music teacher said they WORK on being a good audience. They set high expectations for their students and the teachers add the magic by modeling what they expect their students to do. 
Katie Cavazos organized the event and I got to visit her classroom. I want to be her assistant teacher!!! What a special place!!  Here’s the chair her father made where the important person of the week gets to sit. 

Here’s her library loft. 
Katie also said her kids LOVE my stinky cheese game. It’s sitting below their interactive writing and Katie said it’s almost worn out from playing it so much.

You know, it’s not the game or the song or anything that I might share with you. It’s the MAGIC that you add!!  Thank you, Katie, and every teacher that uses one of my ideas!