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Sunday, November 18, 2012


You’re going to love these ideas that the teachers shared in Oklahoma City last week!

Punctuation Song  (Allison Stout)
(Tune:  “The Old Gray Mare”)
Every sentence starts with a capitol,
Starts with a capitol,
Starts with a capitol.
Every sentence starts with a capitol
And ends with a period!

Have a Cup  (Mona Hickerson)
You won’t believe all of the activities that Mona has come up with using plastic cups.  She showed me a video of her students playing one of the games and it was amazing how engaged they were!  I had to go right out, buy some cups, and make the game myself.  Cheap and simple!  Adapt for pre-K, K, and 1st.  Now that's what I'm talking about!  
Use plain colored cups and write letters on the tops and sides with a permanent marker or puff paints.  Children can put in ABC order, race with a neighbor to put them in a stack, make words, etc.
Use small bathroom cups with numerals on the sides and tops for math activities.  Make a mat with numerals 1-20.  Children match the cups to the numerals.  Mix up the cups.  How quickly can they stack them from 1-20?  Make a cup with a star to go on top.  Small cups can also be used for skip counting and stored in a Pringle’s can.
Give children different colored cups and paper plates to build a pyramid.  Can they make a colored pattern with their pyramid?

Rime Cups  (Amy McKelvey)
Stack two Styrofoam cups together.  Write the onsets on the rim of the top cup and the rime on the bottom cup.  Twist the cups to make words. 

Glue Song  (Amy McDelvey)
(Tune:  “Barney”)
Use your glue.
Use your glue.
Just a little dot will do.
Use a little dot
And spread it all around.
It will hold your paper down.

Line Up Chant  (Ainslee Davis)
Stomp, stomp.         (Stomp twice.)
Clap, clap.                  (Clap twice.)
Hand on your hip.         (One hand on hip.)
Zip your lip!                  (Pretend to zip lip with other hand with an attitude!)

Call Back  (Lauren Jenks)
Focus children’s attention with this chant from “Finding Nemo.”
Teacher says:         Shark Bait
Children respond:         Oooo ha ha

Animal Count  (Anna White)
Do the “Macarena Count to 100” using animal sounds.  For a dog you would count, “Arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, art, arf…that is one ten.”  For cows you could “moo,” sheep “baa,” and so forth.

Math Lids  (Kendra Dorrough)
Number 1-20 on white bottle lids.  Write operations (+, -, =) on green lids.  Make doubles of numerals 1-5 as you learn more facts.

ARITHMETIC  (Bridget Weaver)
This mnemonic device will help you remember how to spell arithmetic.

My Great Idea  (Heater Wilkinson)
Use funky duct tape each week to make a letter on the floor in front of the classroom door.  When you line up, go to PE, lunch, etc. each child says the letter and makes the sound.

Cool Cheer  (Amanda Kissling)
Woo woo!           (Arms in the air.)
I’m so hot,           (Wipe brow.)
But, you’re           (Point with index fingers.)
So cool!               (Fan self with palm.)