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Saturday, June 22, 2024


Children can learn to recognize, read, and spell color words with this song.

Color Train
R – e – d - red
R – e – d - red.
Red bird, red head,Red heart, red bed
R – e- d - red.

B-l-u-e - Blue berries, blue eyesBlue bird, blue sky
Y-e-l-l-o-w - Yellow flowers, yellow sun,Lemon pie, bananas – yum!
G-r-e-e-n - Green grass, green grapes,Cucumbers, lizards, snakes
P-u-r-p-l-e - Purple balls, purple plumsPurple shirts, purple gum
O-r-a-n-g-e - Orange pumpkins, orange leavesOrange juice, orange trees
B –l-a-c-k - Black night, black catBlack panther, black hat
B-r-o-w-n - Brown cow, chocolate cake Brown leaves, brown rake
W-h-i-t-e - White cloud, white snowWhite rabbit, white bow
P-i-n-k - Pink ribbon, pink nose,Pink flamingo, pink rose.
T-a-n - Tan pants, tan shoesTan deer, and pancakes, too.
G-r-a-y - Gray clouds, gray house,Gray hair, gray mouse

*Make a book illustrating the different colors in the song.
*Have children hold up crayons or touch something of the appropriate color as you sing.of the *Teach children ASL signs for the colors.

Word Puzzles
Materials: sentence strips, envelopes, markers

Directions: Write sight words on sentence strips. Cut between the letters to make a puzzle. Place the puzzle pieces in an envelope. Make a balloon the appropriate color on the front of the envelope. Children remove the letters and try to put them together to make the word.
Hint! Write the word on the back of the envelope so children can self-check.

Pull and Read
Materials: sentence strips, envelopes, markers

Directions: Write sight words on 10” sections of sentence strips with a black marker. Draw a small balloon the appropriate color at the right end of each word. Seal a letter size envelope and then trim off the left end. Insert the sight words in the envelope. Children pull out one letter at a time and try to blend the sounds and identify the color word. They can self-check with the balloon at the end.

Happy Birthday Letters

Yo, A, (Hands like a rapper and dance to the beat.)
It’s your birthday.
Let’s all read
Like your birthday.
/a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ (Circle hands around as you make the sound.)
/a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/
Yo, B…etc.

*Have children stand in a circle. When the letter that their name starts with comes up in the song they get in the middle of the circle and break dance.

*Make sign language letters as you sing.

*Cut out this birthday cake and add magnetic tape to the back. Place on a magnetic board and spread magnetic letters around the cake. Children take turns choosing a letter, putting it in the cake, and leading their friends in the song.

Friday, June 21, 2024


Standards will be a lot more fun with the songs on this recording. From phonics to phonological awareness to fluency to comprehension and vocabulary - let's get started!

1. Don’t You Just Love to Read?
2. Color Train
3. Deck the Room
4. Alphabet Antics

Phonemic Awareness
5. Nursery Rhyme Marathon
6. Rhythm Rhyme
7. Miss Mary Fill in the Blank
8. Pepperoni Pizza
9. Syllable Clap
10. Put Together Compounds
11. Word Families

12. Happy Birthday Letters
13. Who Let the Letters Out? (Open version)
14. I Know an Old Man Who Swallowed a Letter
15. Letter Box
16. Letter Round-Up
17. Sweet Vowels
18. Slide and Blend
19. Diagraph Walk
20. The Tools of Good Readers

21. Rapping Words
22. Lifetime Words
23. Punctuation Pays

Disc Two

1. Who? What? Where? When? Why?
2. It’s Fact and Fiction Time
3. Where Can You Go When You Need to Know?

4. Parts of Speech Hoedown
5. Endings
6. We Can Do Opposites
7. Synonym Stomp,
8. O, Those Contractions

9. Ready to Write
10. Pencil Talk
11. Karate Writing
12. Writing Uppercase Letters
13. Rhyme to Write Lowercase Letters
14. Hi Ho Librario – Parts of a Book
15. Parts of a Letter
16. Good-Bye, Friends!

17. Letter Round-Up
18. Deck the Room
19. Word Families
20. Pepperoni Pizza
21. Good-Bye Friends!
22. Nursery Rhyme Marathon
23. Synonym Stomp
24. Happy Birthday Letters
25. Rhythm Rhyme
26. We Can Do Opposites

Thursday, June 20, 2024


Teachers are “sales” people selling kids on learning and school. Here is a simple little song where you can insert the different activities to spark interest in the school day

I Like to Come to School (Tune: “The Farmer in the Dell”)
I like to come to school.
I like to come to school.
I like to learn and play each day,
I like to come to school.

I like to read books…
I like to play with blocks…
I like to make new friends…

*Invite the children to name different activities they are looking forward to doing at school and sing them in the song.

*Make a class book where each child draws a picture and dictates a sentence about what they like about school. Let children "check out" the book and take it home to share with their families.

School Cheer (Take off on "Father Abraham")
It’s going to be a great year!
Let’s get started with a cheer!
This song is really cool.
Just fill in the name of your school.

(Name of school) School has many friends.
There are many friends at (name of school).
I am one of them,
And so are you.
So let’s all give a cheer.
Right arm. (Begin moving right arm up and down.)

Continue adding left arm…right foot…left foot…nod your head.
End by singing, “Turn around and sit down.”

Wednesday, June 19, 2024




Somebody once said that teaching kindergarten should be like giving a party every day! I totally agree because I collected songs celebrate every holiday and season over my career.

Note!! There are also "instrumentals" of many of the songs if you'd like to use them for a school program.

1. School Cheer
2. Super Star Chant
3. I Like to Come to School
4. Gray Squirrel
5. Scarecrow
6. Apple Tree
7. Grandparents Day
8. Columbus Day
9. Stirring Our Brew and 3 Little Witches
10. Halloween Medley
11. Five Days of Halloween
12. Veteran’s Day
13. Albuquerque Turkey
14. Over the River
15. Gobble! Gobble!
16. We Give Thanks

17. Jingle Bells
18. Jingle Bell Rock
20. My Dreidel
21. Holiday Alphabet
22. Kwanzaa
23. Ring in the New Year
24. Seasonal Wandering
25. I’m a Little Snowman
26. Stand Up for Martin Luther King
27. 100 Days
28. Groundhog Day
29. Abraham Lincoln
30. Bringing Home a Valentine
31. Will You Be My Valentine?
32. Presidents’ Day

33. St. Patrick’s Day
34. Five Little Kites
35. Rain
36. Birdies
37. Caterpillar’s Story
38. Flip, Flop, Hop
39. The Planting Song
40. Popcorn Tree

Disc Two

1. Earth Day
2. Cinco de Mayo
3. A Box for Mommy

4. Take Me Out to The Ball Game
5. We Love Our Flag
6. He’s My Dad
7. Swimming
8. The Fourth of July
9. Going on a Picnic
10. Beep! Choo! Zoom! Honk!
11. School Days.

12. Super Star Chant
13. I Like to Come to School
14. Grandparent’s Day
15. Columbus Day
16. Veteran’s Day
17. Over the River
18. We Give Thanks
19. Jingle Bells
21. My Dreidel
22. Holiday Alphabet
23. Kwanzaa
24. Ring in the New Year
25. Stand Up for Martin Luther King
26. 100 Days
27. Groundhog Day
28. Abraham Lincoln
29. Bringing Home a Valentine
30. Will You Be My Valentine
31. President’s Day
32. St. Patrick’s Day!
33. Earth Day
34. Cinco de Mayo
35. A Box for Mommy
36. Take Me Out to The Ballgame
37. We Love Our Flag
38. He’s My Dad
39. The Fourth of July
40. School Days

Tuesday, June 18, 2024


Keep your classroom positive and the children engaged by singing directions.

Have a Seat (Tune: Shortnin' Bread)
Use this rhyme to get children seated and prepare them for a new activity.

Everybody have a seat, have a seat, have a seat.
Everybody have a seat on the floor.
Not on the ceiling,
Not on the door.
Everybody have a seat on the floor.

Everybody have a seat, have a seat, have a seat.
Everybody have a seat on your chair.
Not on the window,
Not in the air.
Everybody have a seat on your chair.

Criss Cross
Criss cross, (Sit on floor and cross legs.)
Be your own boss. (Fold your arms and nod head.)

Criss-Cross Applesauce
Cut the label off a can of applesauce and glue it to a piece of paper. Tape the paper to a stick and whenever you want the children to sit "criss-cross applesauce" hold up your sign. That's a good example of visual literacy because before children read words they read pictures.
*Thanks to my friend Pamela Pounds for this fantastic idea.

Wiggle Them
Use this finger play to release wiggles and calm children.

Wiggle them, wiggle them, wiggle them so. (Wiggle fingers.)
Wiggle them high. (Wiggle above your head.)
Wiggle them low. (Wiggle down low.)
Wiggle to the left. (Wiggle to your left.)
Wiggle to the right. (Wiggle to your right.)
Wiggle them, wiggle them, out of sight. (Put your hands behind your back.)

Snap them… (Snap fingers.)

Open and shut them… (Open and shut hands.)

Shake them… (Shake hands.)

Wave them… (Wave hands.)

Monday, June 17, 2024


The songs on this recording will keep your children singing "All Day Long!" There are circle time songs that will help children learn to spell the days of the week and months of the year, as well as tunes for special occasions like having a birthday or losing a tooth There are chants to line children up, clean up, and sit down, plus a hand washing song, "Lunch Time Round-Up," and "Backpack Boogie." Children will sing and learn with songs about using scissors, holding a pencil, coloring, and "Magic Words." You'll guide children with a smile, dance, and song through the transitions in your day.

Look at all these songs:
1. Rise and Shine
2. Happy Days
3. Month Hop
4. Weather Song
5. Surprise Sack
6. New Shoes
7. Welcome Back
8. Loose Tooth
9. Birthday Song
10. Line-Up Cadence
11. Dismissal Song
12. Have a Seat
13. Give Me a Clap
14. Wiggle Them
15. Tidy Up
16. Hi Ho Helpers
17. Scrub a Dub
18. Lunch Time Round-Up
19. Hush, Little Baby
20. Magic Words
21. Name on Your Paper
22. Pencil Grip
23. Scissors Snip
24. A Coloring We’ll Go
25. What Did You Learn Today?
26. Back Pack Boogie
27. Skinnamarinkydinkydink

Sunday, June 16, 2024


Here's one of my favorite "oldies but goodies."

The Wheels on the Bus
The wheels on the bus (Move hands in circular motion.)
Go round and round,
Round and round, round and round.
The wheels on the bus
Go round and round,
All around the town.

Wipers – swish, swish, swish… (Palms up and move back and forth.)
Horn – beep, beep, beep… (Pretend to beep horn.)
Lights – blink, blink, blink… (Open and close fists.)
Doors – open and shut… (Palms together, then spread apart.)
Driver on the bus…”Move on back”… (Stick up thumb.)
Children on the bus – bounce up and down…(Bounce up and down.)

The Letter Bus
The letters on the bus all make their sounds,
Make their sounds, make their sounds.
The letters on the bus all make their sounds
All around the town.
The A on the bus goes /a/ /a/ /a/
/a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/
The A on the bus goes /a/ /a/ /a/
All around the town.
*Continue singing different letters and making their sounds.

If you have a toy bus, write the letter on an index card and tape it to the bus as you sing.

There was a farmer had a dog
And Bingo was his name-O.
B - I – N – G – O,
B – I – N – G – O.
B – I – N – G – O.
And Bingo was his name-O.

Each verse omit a letter and clap.

Hint! Insert children's names and spell in the song.

Here's a "tell and draw" story about BINGO that your kids will love!

Saturday, June 15, 2024


We are so busy trying to give children what we didn't have 
that we are failing to give them what we did have! 

When my grandson completed kindergarten I asked him if he had ever played “The Farmer in the Dell.” He didn’t know what I was talking about! “The Farmer in the Dell,” “London Bridge,” “Mulberry Bush,” "The Wheels on the Bus" and so many other songs and games are part of what I refer to as our “early childhood heritage.” If children don’t experience these things in pre-K or kindergarten, then they’ll probably never get to do them! And that’s sooooo sad!

The crazier our world gets, the more we need to remember our roots and traditions.

Three of our leading educational theorists give insight into why these songs and games are so powerful in early childhood. Piaget observed that the more actively involved children are with people and things in their world, the more quickly they will assimilate new learning. Dewey emphasized that educational experiences are intricately interwoven with social experiences. Vygotsky also stressed the importance of social interaction to the child’s ability to construct meaning.

Get ready for some fun with these songs:

1. The Wheels on the Bus
2. Coming ‘Round the Mountain
3. I’ve Been Working on the Railroad
4. Old MacDonald
5. Bingo
6. Home on the Range
7. My Bonnie
8. Skip to My Lou
9. Farmer in the Dell
10. Mulberry Bush
11. Frog Went a Courting
12. Humpty Dumpty
13. Jack & Jill
14. Hickory Dickory Dock
15. Hey Diddle Diddle
16. Little Boy Blue
17. Muffin Man
18. Little Miss Muffett
19. Baa Baa Black Sheep
20. Jack Be Nimble
21. Little Jack Horner
22. Mary Had a Little Lamb
23. I’m a Little Teapot
24. London Bridge
25. Twinkle Twinkle
26. Itsy Bitsy Spider
27. Yankee Doodle
28. Three Little Kittens

Friday, June 14, 2024


It's just a silly song about food!

I have had complaints about this song because it is "commercial" and it "teaches children bad health habits." When I sing the song with children I use it as a “teachable moment” to talk about making good food choices. I say, “Boys and girls, this is a silly song, but I want to tell you the truth about fast food restaurants. It’s not good to eat that food all the time because it’s got a lot of fat, sodium, and chemicals in it. What are some good healthy foods that we can eat all the time?” 

You know, you could probably find something wrong with every book, every song, every story, every rhyme…. The bottom line is that if you don’t like a song or if a parent complains, you don't need to use it.

Silly songs are meant to make children smile. In the crazy world we live in sometimes you just have to shut your door and SING LOUD! 

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut, (Arms out in a circle.)
Kentucky Fried Chicken (Flap arms like a chicken.)
And Pizza Hut.
Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut,
Kentucky Fried Chicken
And Pizza Hut.
MacDonald’s, MacDonald’s, (Hands together in front and then up and
Kentucky Fried Chicken over like an arch.)
And Pizza Hut.
MacDonald’s, MacDonald’s,
Kentucky Fried Chicken
And Pizza Hut.

Burger King and Taco Bell (Make crown with hands on “King,” and
shake head on “Bell.”)

Dairy Queen and Arby’s (Pretend to milk a cow on “Dairy Queen” and
twirl hand in the air like a lasso on “Arby’s”.)

Red Lobster and Wendy’s (Hands like pincers on “Lobster” and pretend
to make a hamburger patty for “Wendy’s.”)

More! For additional verses, let children suggest other restaurants and movements.

The Vowel Family (Tune: "BINGO")
Aunt Aggie had an allergy
and she would always sneeze-o (Pretend to sneeze.)
/a/a/a/a/a/ /a/a/a/a/a/ /a/a/a/a/a/
And she would always sneeze-o.

Grandpa Eddie stayed in shape
and he would exercise-o (Pretend to lift weights.)
/e/e/e/e/e/ /e/e/e/e/e/ /e/e/e/e/e/
He liked to exercise-o.

Baby Izzi had chicken pox
and she would always itch-o. (Scratch body.)
/i/i/i/i/i/ /i/i/i/i/i/ /i/i/i/i/i/
And she would always itch-o.

Cousin Otto’s throat was sore
And this is what he’d say-o. (Put hand on throat.)
/o/o/o/o/o/ /o/o/o/o/o/ /o/o/o/o/o/
And this is what he’d say-o.

Uncle Unk wore underwear
and it did stink-o. (Hold nose.)
/u/u/u/u/u/ /u/u/u/u/u/ /u/u/u/u/u/
And it did stink-o.

Let the children use the attached sheet to make vowel puppets. Tape the letters to craft sticks or glue to an envelope that's been cut in half.

Thursday, June 13, 2024


I had a friend that used to say: "We didn't come for a long time; we came for a GOOD time!" That should be one of the pillars when we work with children. We can't control many of the things in their lives, but we sure can give them a GOOD time at school!

At the end of the day, KIDS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!!! You'll have fun singing and dancing with your children with the songs on this recording.

1. Kids Just Wanna Have Fun
2. We’re Great!
3. Alphabet Train
4. Letter Tales
5. The Vowel Family
6. Zero the Hero Number Stomp
7. Going Over the Sea
8. Dinosaur Boogie
9. Granny at the Fair
10. Miss Mary Mack
11. Yogi Bear
12. In the Woods There Was a Tree
13. A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea
14. Pizza Hut
15. Five Little Hotdogs
16. Read a Book
17. What a Wonderful World

Wednesday, June 12, 2024


The Alphabet in My Mouth
(Tune: “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”)
I’ve got the whole alphabet in my mouth,
I’ve got the whole alphabet in my mouth.
I’ve got the whole alphabet in my mouth
and I can read!
I’ve got A - /a/ /a/ in my mouth
I’ve got B - /b/ /b/ in my mouth
I’ve got C - /c/ /c/ in my mouth
And I can read!
I’ve got D…Z
I’ve got all the sounds in my mouth and I’m ready to read!

Hint! Make sign language letters as you sing.

Your children will LOVE making this book to go with the song. First, take a close up digital photo of each child with their mouth wide open. Enlarge the picture and glue it to a sheet of paper. Next, cut letters out of construction paper and glue to the tongue on their picture. Write words for each page to go with the picture, such as “I’ve got D /d//d/ in my mouth.”

*If you don’t have 26 students, then use the principal, secretary, custodian, etc. to complete the letters in the alphabet.

Letter Baby

What fun for your kids to use "Letter Baby" to spin the wheel around and display the letters as they sing! Click to view video.

(Tune: “Farmer in the Dell”)
Z - e - r - o spells zero. (Hold up fist.)
Z - e - r - o spells zero.
Zero is our hero.
Z - e - r - o spells zero.

O – n – e spells one. (Hold up 1 finger.)
O – n – e spells one.
Spelling numbers is such fun.
O – n – e spells one.

T –w –o spells two. (Hold up 2 fingers.)
T –w –o spells two.
I can spell and so can you.
T – w – o spells two.

Three – It’s as easy as can be….

Four – I can spell even more…

Five – I can spell and I can jive…

Six – Number words are a trick…

Seven – We’re so hot we are sizzlin’…

Eight – We are smart. We spell great…

Nine – Spelling good and feeling fine…

Ten – You’ve spelled “ten” and that’s “The End”…

*Make a class book where children illustrate the set for each number word.

*Give children flash cards of number words to hold up as you sing.

Say, Spell, Write, Read
Here’s a little formula to help children remember words.
1st Say the word.
2nd Orally spell the word.
3rd Write the word. (You could do this in the air or on your palm.)
4th Read over the word.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024


As the academic push continued, so were requests where children could sing and master skills. It's much more fun to learn phonics, math, science, and social studies with a tune and movements. This CD starts with a friendship song and handshake and includes "Who Let the Letters Out?" "Spelling Number Words," "Five Senses," "Parts of a Flower," and "My World Family."

Take a look at the songs on this recording:

1. Kiss Your Brain
2. Twinkle Friends
3. Shake a Hand
4. Who Let the Letters Out?
5. Letter Aerobics
6. The Alphabet’s in My Mouth
7. Bitty Bi Bo Bu
8. Vowel Cheer
9. When You Come to a Word You Don’t Know
10. Singular and Plural
11. Verbs
12. Singing the World Wall
13. Spelling Numbers
14. Counting Cadence
15. Penny, Nickel, Dime
16. Insect’s Body
17. Macarena Bones
18. The Water Cycle
19. Litter Patrol
20. Five Senses
21. Parts of a Flower
22. Seasons
23. The World Family
24. We Had a Good Day

Monday, June 10, 2024


Rules help children feel secure and know what behavior is expected of them. Here are a few simple rules that children can learn in a fun way.

Rules Rap

The rules, the rules, the rules of the classroom. (Snap fingers.)
The rules, the rules, the rules of the classroom.

Follow, follow, follow directions, (Point index fingers.)
Follow, follow, follow directions. Chorus

Feet and hands, feet and hands, (Point to feet and hands.)
Feet and hands to yourself. Chorus

Small voices inside, tall voices on the playground.
(Quiet voice, then loud voice.)
Small voices inside, tall voices on the playground. Chorus

Work together, don’t fight, or you’ll get in trouble.
(Clasp hands, then hold nose.)
Work together, don’t fight, or you’ll get in trouble. Chorus

After teaching the class the “Rules Rap” discuss why rules are important. Say, “I know everyone in our class has a good rule to share with us.” Give each child a sheet of paper to draw a rule. Older students can write the rule and younger students can dictate the rule. Put their rules together, make a cover, and bind to make a book. Explain that when adults agree to do something they sign a contract. “Everyone made these rules. Are you all going to obey these rules? (Of course, they’ll agree!) Then I’m going to let you put your thumb on an ink pad and stamp your thumbprint on our book to show that you will abide by these rules.”

When children are doing something they shouldn’t be doing take the book and point to a page as you say, “Look, it says _______ in the book. Show me the right thing to do.” (Most of them can’t read anyway, so you can turn to any page in the book!)

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The itsy bitsy spider (Fingers pretend to
Went up the water spout. climb up in front of you.)
Down came the rain (Wiggle fingers down.)
And washed the spider out. (Cross arms.)
Out came the sun (Make circle above head.)
And dried up all the rain.
And the itsy bitsy spider (Take fingers and climb
Went up the spout again. in front of you.)

The big, fat gorilla… (Sing this version in a loud voice
and make large, exaggerated movements.)

The teensy weensy ant… (Sing in a quiet voice and make very
small motions with your fingers.)

More Spider Versions (Sharon Howard)

After singing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” let children change what kind of spider it is. It could be happy, mad, mean, angry, silly, pretty princess, etc. Then children decide how that spider would go up the waterspout.

Spider Puppet

You will need paper plates, construction paper, an old sock, markers, and a stapler to make this project. Decorate two plates to look like a spider’s body. Staple the plates together leaving an opening at the top and the bottom. Cut eight - 8” x 1” strips for the spider’s legs. Glue 4 legs on either side of the body. Draw a face on the sock and then stick it through the center of the plates.

*You can also make a simple puppet for children by tying a spider ring to a piece of string or yarn.

Spider Applause

Bend down thumbs and touch four fingertips from each hand. Tap gently!

Sunday, June 9, 2024


I want you to know that what I've done in my professional career has never been about ME. It's always been for teachers and children. Please know how HAPPY and GRATEFUL I am for all of you that sing and have fun with me!!!!

You'll be able to sing, dance, and learn with the "Rules Rap," "Lettercise," "Vowel Song," and "Macarena Math."

Here are the songs you'll find:

1. If You’re Happy
2. Couch Potato Pokey
3. Button Factory
4. Nursery Rhyme Medley
5. The Itsy Bitsy Spider
6. Ride That Pony
7. Hand Dance
8. Rules Rap
9. Junior Birdmen
10. Money Song
11. Gummy Bears
12. Planet Poem
13. Lettercise
14. Vowel Song
15. Letter Dance
16. Compound Boogie
17. Seven Little Letters
18. The More We Get Together

Saturday, June 8, 2024


This is a song your students will enjoy singing, but there are lots of standards “camouflaged” here. 

*This song reinforces the concept that when you put letters together you make a word.
*Children can learn to read the color words.
*More advanced children can learn to spell the color words.

The Color Farm
(Tune: “BINGO”)
There was a farmer had a cat
And Black was her name-o
B-L-A-C-K (Clap on each letter.)
And Black was her name-o.

Horse – GREEN
Bird – BLUE
Chick – YELLOW
Pig – RED


Use the attached patterns to make stick puppets that the children can hold up as you sing.

Write the color word and put a picture clue by it on a sentence strip. Pass these out for the children to hold up as you sing.

The more senses you activate, the more likely the message will get to the brain and stay in the brain. This song can be used with younger children to introduce them to letters and sounds, but it's just as much fun as a review for older students.


A for apple /a/ /a/ /a/ (Pretend fist is an apple.)
B for bounce /b/ /b/ /b/ (Bounce a ball.)
C for cut /c/ /c/ /c/ (Open and close index and middle fingers as if cutting.)
D for dig /d/ /d/ /d/ (Pretend to dig.)
E – elbow (Point to elbow.)
F – fan (Fan self with hand.)
G – gallop (Gallop in place.)
H – hop (Hop on one foot.)
I – itch (Scratch self.)
J – jump (Jump up and down.)
K – kick (Little kicks with foot.)
L – love (Hug self.)
M – munch (Move mouth as if eating.)
N – nod (Nod head.)
O – opera (Extend arms and sing dramatically.)
Q – quiet (Index finger on lips.)
R. – run (Run in place.)
S – sew (Pretend to hold a needle and sew.)
T – talk (Open and close fingers like a mouth.)
U – upside (Lean over.)
V – volley (Hands in air and pretend to volley a ball.)
W – wiggle (Wiggle all over.)
X – x-ray (Make “x” with arms.)
Y – yawn (Extend arms and pretend to yawn.)
Z – zigzag (Make an imaginary “z” in the air.)
Letter sounds are all you need.
Put them together and you can read! (Hold palms together and open like a book.)

*You can download this book at Click here.

Alphardy Poster

Run off this chart for each student and glue to a file folder. Children can use this for choral singing or for independent work at the listening center. If you give them a pretzel stick or Bugle for a pointer they’ll get a little snack at the end of the song!

Friday, June 7, 2024


Writing these blogs is like a trip down memory lane for me. I remember taking this picture in my garage as if it were yesterday. My first three recordings were just fun songs to sing because in the 70's and 80's we were all about the WHOLE child and giving them happy experiences. When the academic push started I felt compelled to share some songs where children could have fun and develop skills at the same time. I still maintain that children can learn anything through music and movement!

Take a look at all the songs for phonics, sight words, math, social studies, and science.

Oops! Bill Clinton was President then. You'll have to make your own version with Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden!

Songs on this recording include:

1. Color Farm
2. Alphardy
3. Rime Time Song
4. Phon-ercise
5. Gumball
6. Sing And Sign
7. Tooty Ta (Open Version)
8. Macarena Math
9. Numeral Song
10. The Shape Song
11. Hickory Dickory Dock
12. Continents
13. Oceans
14. Directions
15. The United States
16. The Presidents
17. Good-bye Song

Thursday, June 6, 2024


You'll always have a good day when you start with a song. What a great way to encourage friendship and happiness!

Hello, Neighbor!

Hello, neighbor. (Wave to partner.)
What do you say? (Give high five.)
It’s going to be a (Slap, clap, tap hands.)
Happy day.
Greet your neighbor. (Shake hands.)
Boogie on down. (Wiggle hips.)
Give a bump, (Bump hips.)
And turn around. (Turn around.)

Note! You can do this song as a line dance where children step down to the next partner each time you sing.

Change “bump” to “jump” if your students bump too hard.

Teach children how to shake with their right hand and encourage them to say good morning to their friends by shaking hands.

Here's a video I made several years ago with my granddaughter where I demonstrate some fun handshakes.

I Know an Old Lady

I really do know an old lady - ME!!! Here's a video where I "try" to sing and sign.

Note! Instead of having the old lady "die," my lady just "cries." Isn't that better?

Here are a few visuals and craft activities that can be adapted to any version of the Old Lady.

Note!  You can find free images online for the different stories or let children make their own illustrations. 

Sandwich Bag Old Lady

Give children a circle to decorate for the head of the old lady. Staple the head to the back opening of a zip sandwich bag. Staple on strips of paper for arms and legs as shown. Run off copies of the different items for the book or song you are singing. Children line up items in sequential order and then insert them in the bag as you sing.

Paper Plate Old Lady

Cut the center out of a paper plate. Use the center for the Old Lady’s head and attach with a brad fastener. Attach strips of paper with brad fasteners for arms and legs. Tape a sandwich bag to the back of the plate so you can insert illustrations as you sing.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024


One day when Holly was little and just "piddling" like little kids do, my husband asked, "What are you doing?" She replied, "I don't know what I'm doing...I'm just doing!" Well, that's kind of how things went when I made my CDs. I never intended to make one, and here I was making my third one. I didn't know what I was doing, but I just kept on singing and dancing.

All I can say is THANK YOU!!!!

Titles on this recording include:

1. Hello, Neighbor
2. I Know an Old Lady
3. The Opposite Song
4. Let Me See You Boogaloo
5. I Am the Music Cantor
6. I’m a Nut
7. Wally Acha
8. Peanut Butter
9. Alphabet Forwards and Backwards
10. Boom Chica Boom
11. Have You Ever Been Fishing?
12. The First 12 Days of School
13. May There Always Be Sunshine

Click here to see all the ways you can access the songs on Keep on Singing.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024


I know it's Tuesday, but this is one of my all-time favorite songs that you can sing any day.

Today Is Sunday
Today is Sunday. (Put hands in arm pits and flap
Sunday – chicken. like a chicken.)
All you lucky children,
Well, that’s O.K.

Monday – peanut butter (Extend left hand and spread peanut butter with right hand.)

Tuesday – snap beans (Snap fingers.)

Wednesday – soup (Pretend to slurp soup.)

Thursday – ice cream (Pretend to lick a cone.)

Friday – hotdogs (Slap hands together.)

Saturday - pizza (Extend palm in air as if carrying a pizza.)

And here's the Spanish version that my webmaster Alex May created.

And thanks to Mariela Anderson I've got a sign language version.

Write the days of the week on seven paper plates as shown. Let children draw the foods in the song or download images. Pass these out to seven children and let them stand in front of the room and hold up their plate at the appropriate time in the song.

Five Little Monkeys
Five little monkeys swinging from a tree, (Hold up five fingers.)
Teasing Mr. Alligator, “Can’t catch me.”
Along came Mr. Alligator quiet as can be,
And snatched a monkey right out of that tree!

Four little monkeys… (Hold up appropriate number of

Three…two…one… fingers on hand.)

“Missed me, missed me. (Stick thumbs in ears and tease.)

Now you gotta kiss me!”

Activities: Choose five children to be monkeys and one child to be the alligator to act out this song.

I've even got videos for you in English and Spanish!

Click to view

Click to view

Monday, June 3, 2024


Much to my surprise and delight, my first recording was enjoyed by children and teachers. I still had many songs in my heart so I decided to make just one more! You'll meet some of my "friends" like Patalina, Mother Goony Bird, and Miss Sue from Alabama on this recording. Oh, yeah, and the all time favorite "Tooty Ta" was introduced on this CD. 
Note!  Other musicians have recorded this song, but I was the FIRST!

Many ask where I "got" my songs. Most of them are old camp songs that I sang as a child years ago. It proves that kids are kids and silly songs are fun forever!

Titles on this recording include:

1. Today Is Sunday
2. Monkeys and the Alligator
3. Tarzan
4. Elephant Song
5. Mother Goony Bird
6. My Mother Is a Baker
7. Dr. Knicker Bocker
8. Nursery Rhyme Rap
9. Miss Sue
10. My Hands on My Head
11. Tooty Ta
12. Days of the Week
13. Macarena Months
14. Weather Song
15. I Had a Bird
16. Patalina Matalina
17. Special Me