Friday, July 23, 2021


Need a smile? Got wiggles? Try one of these songs.

Wiggle Willy
Directions: Have children stand and tell them that you have a song about a little boy who has the fidgets just like them sometimes. His name is Wiggle Willy!

I know a little boy. (Dance from side to side to the beat.)
His name is Wiggle Willy.
He is so very nice, but oh, he is so wiggly!
And so go his fingers and his fingers go like so
And his fingers are always soooooo… (Wiggle fingers.)

And so go his arms…(Wiggle arms and fingers.)

Legs…(Wiggle legs, arms, and fingers.)

Head…(Wiggle head, legs, arms, and fingers.)

Tongue…(Move tongue back and forth along with the other body parts.)

Warning! One teacher said her kids loved it so much they kept begging to do it over and over. She said she could hardly walk up the stairs when she got home!

My Bonnie Bounce (Tune: “My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean”)
My Bonnie (Stand up.)
Lies over the ocean.
My Bonnie (Sit down.)
Lies over the sea.
My Bonnie (Stand up.)
Lies over the ocean.
Oh, bring (Sit down.)
Back (Stand up.)
My Bonnie (Sit down.)
To me.
Bring (Stand up.)
Back (Sit down.)
Bring (Stand up.)
Back (Sit down.)
Oh, bring (Stand up.)
Back (Sit down.)
My Bonnie (Stand up.)
To me, to me.
Bring (Sit down.)
Back (Stand up.)
Bring (Sit down.)
Back (Stand up.)
Oh, bring (Sit down.)
Back (Stand up.)
My Bonnie to me. (Sit down.)

A little faster…
Super fast…

The Banana Dance (Aka Guacamole song)

Form the banana, form, form the banana.  (Bring your right arm up)

Form the banana, form, form the banana.  (Bring your left arm up.)

Peel the banana, peel, peel the banana.  (Bring your right arm down.)

Peel the banana, peel, peel the banana.  (Bring your left arm down.)

Go bananas, go, go bananas.  (Jump around and act crazy!)

Go bananas, go, go bananas.


Form the corn, form, form the corn.  (Bring your right arm up.)

Form the corn, form, form the corn.  (Bring your left arm up.)

Shuck the corn, shuck, shuck the corn.  (Bring your right arm down.)

Shuck the corn, shuck, shuck the corn.  (Bring your left arm down.)

Pop the corn, pop, pop the corn.  (Jump on the word “pop.”)

Pop the corn, pop, pop the corn.


Form the mango…

Do the tango!  (Dance with a partner.)


Form the orange…

Squeeze the orange!   (Hug a partner.)


Form the tomato…

“Th” the ketchup!  (Thumb down and pretend to shake a ketchup bottle.)


Form the carrot…

Feed the bunny!  (Fingers over head like ears.) 

Form the avocado…

Guacamole!  (Shake your head and arms so your cheeks wiggle.)

Thursday, July 22, 2021


It’s important to activate both sides of the brain by crossing from left to right and right to left. Here’s a video that’s great to start your day or when the children get a little restless.

Jump Up, Turn around, Cross the Midline
Jump up, turn around, cross the midline, (Jump, turn, stretch arms left.)
Jump up, turn around, cross it every day. (Jump, turn, stretch arms right.)
Jump up, turn around, cross the midline,
Jump up, turn around, let’s see how many ways.
Bend low and pick that bean. (Bend down to the left with right hand.)
Bend low and pick that pea. (Bend down to the right with left hand.)
Bend low and pick that berry.
Bend low and get that squash for me.
Jump up stretch and pick that apple. (High to the left with right hand.)
Jump up stretch and pick that pear. (High to the right with left hand.)
Jump up stretch and pick that cherry.
Jump up and get that orange over there...

Cross Lateral Connections
Have children put their two fists together to make their “brain.” Explain that both sides of the brain have to work together. Draw an imaginary line down the middle of your body. That’s the midline. Crossing over that imaginary line builds bridges in their brain. Put a piece of masking tape or painter’s tape down their bodies so they can visually see how they cross the midline when they sing the song.

Brain Hug
Demonstrate how children can “hug their brain” and cross the midline.
1. Thumbs up – Extend arms and stick up thumbs in front of you.
2. Cross arms
3. Clasp fingers
4. Bring fists down and up to hug chest

You’re the Best
Here’s a simpler version of a brain hug just right for the younger students. Ask the students to repeat each line as you demonstrate.
1. Thumbs up.
2. Across the chest.
3. Pat on the back.
4. Cause you’re the BEST!

I Am Slowly Going Crazy
When I would be about to explode, I would sit down in a chair and start singing this song. At first my class really thought I was going crazy, but eventually they saw the humor and we would all end up laughing. It became a great attention grabber and a fun way for all of us to relax and smile.

I Am Slowly Going Crazy
(Tune: "Reuben, Reuben, I’ve Been Thinking")
I am slowly going crazy, (Cross right ankle on left knee. Place right
elbow on right knee and place chin on palm.)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, switch. (Cross left ankle on right knee and place
chin on left palm.)
Crazy going slowly am I, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, switch.
Continue singing faster and faster.

*Brainstorm other things you can do when you feel like you’re going crazy!

*Make a class book of “Things That Drive Us Crazy!”

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


ABC Kick Box
Children stand and make fists with their hands. Explain that you will punch across with your right hand and say a letter. Then punch across with their left hand and make the sound.

A – Punch with right hand
B - Punch with left hand /b/
C…through Z

Adaptations: Say a word that starts with each letter instead of the sound.

*Make manual signs for letters as you punch across.

Macarena Count to 100
Children stand and do the “Macarena” as they count.
1 (Right arm out palm down.)
2 (Left arm out palm down.)
3 (Right palm up.)
4 (Left palm up.)
5 (Right hand on left shoulder.)
6 (Left hand on right shoulder.)
7 (Right hand behind head.)
8 (Left hand behind head.)
9 (Right hand on left hip.)
10 (Left hand on right hip.)
(Clap two times.)
That is one ten. (Hold up one finger.)

Karate Chop Count
Feet out, knees bent, karate chop with your right hand and then your left as you count by ones.
*Do leg curls and chops as you count by 5’s to 100
*Kick front and back as you count by 10’s to 200.
*Wax on, wax off as you count by 100’s to 1000.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021


If you want to have a great day, then start with a song!

Time to Get Up
It’s time to get up, it’s time to get up, (Rocking horse back and forth.)
Get up on your feet this morning.
It’s time to get up, it’s time to get up,
Get ready to learn today.
Get that blood flowing.
Get your heart going.
Move those arms and legs
And wake up your brain!
Power march!

Second Time - Hold your reins and do squats.

Third Time - Backward lunge and then salute.

Activities: Why is it important to wake up your body and brain every morning?
How do you get your day started?
How do you feel if you don’t get enough sleep?
Why do you need to eat a good breakfast?
Give children a paper plate and ask them to draw a picture of a healthy breakfast.

Here is another morning song that will help children “center” themselves and get ready to learn. As they practice breathing and stretching different body parts they will naturally calm down and focus.

Morning Stretch
It feels so good to start the day by stretching. (Stretch up high on toes.)
Breath in deeply and then let the air out. (Slowly breath in and out.)
Breath in fresh air – push the stale air out.
Stand up tall. (Stand with crown of head reaching up.)
Look left then right. (Slowly look left and then right.)
Roll your neck around (Gently roll your head around in one direction.)
So it’s not too tight. (Roll head in opposite direction.)
Shoulders up and circle around (Shoulders up as if shrugging and around.)
Other direction without a sound. (Opposite direction.)
Slowly breath in and lift your arms up high. (Lift arms up and then down.)
Let the air out and bring your arms by your sides.
Now stretch your arms out (Stretch arms out in a T.)
Big circles make. (Make big circles with arms.)
Other direction, (Make circles in the opposite direction.)
Then swish and shake. (Swing arms like a dishrag left and right.)
Bend to the left with right arm over head (Straighten right arm and bend.)
Next on the right with left arm instead. (Straighten left arm and bend.)
Slowly… (Lift arms and breath in. Lower arms and exhale.)
Touch your toes, then stretch high in the air. (Touch toes then up.)
Once more touch toes, lift up your cares.
Heel up and bend down first on the right. (Right heel up and stretch.)
Then left heel up and bend with toes in sight. (Left heel stretch.)
Slowly… (Lift arms and breath in. Lower arms and exhale.)
Stretch the right calf, and then the other side. (Bend right knee, then left.)
Stand tall as can be and hug yourself with pride. (Wrap arms around self.)
Bring the corners of your mouth up toward your eyes.
Think of something happy and give big smile! (Squeeze body and smile.)

Monday, July 19, 2021


All I can say is I LOVE GUACAMOLE! Who would have thought that a silly camp song would turn into a YouTube hit with teenagers? I realize that they are making fun of me, but if I make them smile and give them a happy memory of their own childhoods then it's all good!

Besides THE BANANA DANCE, there are active learning songs for letters, math, and just plain FUN!

1. Time to Get Up (Vocal)
2. Time to Get Up (Instrumental)
3. Hello Friends! (Vocal)
4. Hello Friends! (Instrumental)
5. Morning Stretch (Vocal)
6. Morning Stretch (Instrumental)
7. ABC Kick Box (Vocal)
8. ABC Kick Box (Instrumental)
9. Letter Pops (Vocal)
10. Letter Pops (Instrumental)
11. Phonercise (Vocal)
12. Phonercise (Instrumental)
13. Cheering Letters (Vocal)
14. Cheering Letters (Instrumental)
15. Macarena Count to 100 (Vocal)
16. Macarena Count to 100 (Instrumental)
17. This Is the Way We Exercise (Vocal)
18. This Is the Way We Exercise (Instrumental)
19. Seven Days of Boot Camp (Vocal)
20. Seven Days of Boot Camp (Instrumental)
21. Sports Around the Year (Vocal)
22. Sports Around the Year (Instrumental)
23. Jump Up, Turn Around, Cross That Midline (Vocal)
24. Jump Up, Turn Around, Cross That Midline (Instrumental)
25. Hand Jive (Vocal)
26. Hand Jive (Instrumental)
27. I Am Slowly Going Crazy (Vocal)
28. I Am Slowly Going Crazy (Instrumental)

Disk Two

29. Chair Can Can (Vocal)
30. Chair Can Can (Instrumental)
31. My Bonnie Bounce (Vocal)
32. My Bonnie Bounce (Instrumental)
33. Wiggle Willy (Vocal)
34. Wiggle Willy (Instrumental)
35. Banana Dance (Vocal)
36. Banana Dance (Instrumental)
37. Kids on the March (Vocal)
38. Kids on the March (Instrumental)
39. Jump Rope Rally (Vocal)
40. Jump Rope Rally (Instrumental)
41. Zoo Movements (Vocal)
42. Zoo Movements (Instrumental)
43. Patty Cake Party (Vocal)
44. Patty Cake Party (Instrumental)
45. Line Dance (Vocal)
46. Line Dance (Instrumental)
47. Head, Muscles, Baby 1-2-3 (Vocal)
48. Head, Muscles, Baby 1-2-3 (Instrumental)
49. Balancing Act (Vocal)
50. Balancing Act (Instrumental)
51. Tighten and Relax (Vocal)
52. Tighten and Relax (Instrumental)
53. Tony Chestnut (Vocal)
54. Tony Chestnut (Instrumental)
55. It’s All Good! (Vocal)
56. It’s All Good! (Instrumental)

Click for ways to access these songs that inspire your students to Get Moving.

Volume 1

Volume 2



Sunday, July 18, 2021


 Dr. Jean’s Blog Has New Sign Up Link

Back in January of 2012, Dr. Jean launched her blog with hopes of providing useful and timely information about early childhood learning to teachers and parents. At that time, her blogging software included a method for anyone to subscribe and receive notifications about new materials whenever she published.

Recently, during winter 2021, we received notice that the subscription service would be discontinued. What to do? Well, after some research and study, Dr. Jean settled on a service called Follow.It. We were able to download all of the subscriber info from the old service and then have it uploaded into the new service.

Follow.It Tech Support actually did most of the work for us. Now, we have all of the previous subscribers enrolled in the new service, and we have a new “widget” on her blog where interested folks can submit an email address and begin receiving notices about each newly published issue of the blog.

Some of you may have missed an issue or maybe more than one issue during the change over. All should be good now, though.

The new subscriber service has features we were unable to offer previously. Most people won’t want to make any changes, but the feature to do so is part of this new software.

If you wish, you may visit your account and configure it to receive your emails at a different time or to change the format of those emails.

You can update your user name, your email address and your password.

You may also encounter mention of plans and fees. That section does not apply to people who are just following Dr. Jean’s blog and reading it. There is no charge for being part of Dr. Jean’s community. Those plans and fees are for someone who wants to host a blog. If you are interested in having your own blog, then that section might be for you.

We hope that from this point onward, everyone will be receiving an email that provides a link to Dr. Jean’s most recent posting each time she sends out a new blog entry.

If you haven't subscribed yet and you would like to keep up to date with all of Dr. Jean's daily ideas and activities, just enter your email and click the Subscribe button on the upper right side of this screen. You will be able to set some options for delivery if you wish. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Count, sing, and kick up your heels with this song.

Country Countdown 1-20
Tell the kids to put on their cowboy and cowgirl boots and hats before you begin.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 (Heel tap left and right as you count.)

Turn around and count back down. (Turn around.)
20 19 18 …..

*Why should you ask children to count forwards and backwards? This will help them understand one more, one less, and so forth.

Activities: Write numerals 1-20 on index cards and pass out to the children to hold up as you sing.

Addition Pokey
Put 1 finger in. (Hold up finger on right hand.)
Put 1 finger more. (Hold up 1 finger on left hand.)
Shake them altogether (Roll around.)
And then lay them on the floor. (Place on floor or table.)
Add them both together, (Bring hands together.)
And you don’t want to stall.
Now you have 2 in all.

2 fingers…3 fingers…4 fingers…5 fingers

Saturday, July 17, 2021


Spy a Shape
(“Do You Know the Muffin Man?”)
Do you spy a circle, circle, circle? (Make circles with thumb and index finger
Do you spy a circle in the room? and put around eyes as you sing.)
Yes, I spy a circle, circle, circle. (Children point to a circle.)
Yes, I spy a circle in the room.

Can you draw a circle, circle, circle? (Draw an invisible circle in the air.)
Can you draw a circle nice and round?
I can draw a circle, circle, circle.
I can draw a circle nice and round.

Square… 4 equal sides.
Triangle…3 sides that slant.
Rectangle…2 long and 2 short sides.

*Have children draw shapes in the air with elbows, feet, noses, and other body parts.

*Let children get up and touch different shapes in the room as you sing the song. You could use flat shapes as well as solid shapes (cubes, cylinders, etc.)

*Place foam shapes or 3-dimensional shapes in a bottle filled with sand or salt. Children spin it around and try to identify the shapes. Can they draw the different shapes that they spy?

*Divide children into small groups and challenge them to lay on the floor and make various shapes with their bodies. How many friends will it take to make a triangle? A square? A pentagon? Take pictures and make a book.


*Download highway shapes from Children can drive around these with toy cars or they can roll play dough and place it on the shapes.

*Go on a walk and look for shapes in your school and on the playground. 

Kitty-Cat! Position Scat!
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat stretch up high; (Point up.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat touch the sky.
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, reach down low; (Point down.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, don’t be slow!
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, point to the right; (Point right.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, out of sight! (Hands over eyes.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, now point left; (Point left.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, you’re the best!
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, step out front; (Step forward.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, what a stunt!
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, walk behind; (Walk backwards.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, please be kind.
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, crawl below; (Get down on hands and knees.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, to and fro.
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, climb above; (Pretend to climb up with arms.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, you I love.
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, go between; ((Put hand between legs.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, don’t be mean! (Shake finger.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, now jump over; (Jump up.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, roll in the clover. (Roll arms around.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, now creep under; (Put right hand under left arm.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, you’re a wonder.
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, reach to the side; (Reach left and then right.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, smile with pride. (Smile.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, be my friend; (Hold up left hand and pretend to
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, that’s the end! stroke like a kitten with right hand.)
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, you know where you’re at.
Kitty-cat, kitty-cat, time to scat! (Slap hands.)


Friday, July 16, 2021



I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a One
I know an old lady who swallowed a one. (Hold up 1 finger.)
She said it was fun to swallow a one.
She’s just begun.

I know an old lady who swallowed a two— (Hold up 2 fingers.)
What a thing to do, to swallow a two!
She swallowed the two right after the one;
What number fun!

I know an old lady who swallowed a three; (Hold up 3 fingers.)
By gosh, golly, gee, she swallowed a three!
She swallowed the three right after the two—
She swallowed the two right after the one.
What number fun!

I know an old lady who swallowed a four; (Hold up 4 fingers.)
Her throat got sore from sharp-cornered four.
She swallowed the four right after the three…

I know an old lady who swallowed a five; (Hold up 5 fingers.)
That jumped and jived and did a dive.
She swallowed the five right after the four…

I know an old lady who swallowed a six. (Hold up 6 fingers.)
I think she’s sick; she swallowed a six.
She swallowed the six right after the five…

I know an old lady who swallowed a seven. (Hold up 7 fingers.)
It wasn’t an eight, nine, ten, or eleven.
She swallowed the seven right after the six…

I know an old lady who swallowed an eight. (Hold up 8 fingers.)
She cleaned her plate and ate all of eight.
She swallowed the eight right after the seven…

I know an old lady who swallowed a nine. (Hold up 9 fingers.)
I don’t think she’s fine—she swallowed a nine.
She swallowed the nine right after the eight…

I know an old lady who swallowed a ten. (Hold up 10 fingers.)
She giggled and grinned and swallowed a ten.
And that’s the end.

Here's the pattern so you can let the children make their own old lady.
*Use for one more, one less, adding, subtracting, etc.

Click to download pattern for the Old Lady.

Chant and Write 
(Children echo each line.)
Zero is where it all begins- (Slap thighs to the beat.)
Curve down around and up again.
Number one is so much fun—
Pull straight down and you’ve got a one.
Number two is easy to do—
Up around down and across makes two.
Number three is simple to see—
Draw two humps sideways and that’s a three.
Number four I do adore—
Go down, across, then down some more.
We’ve reached five, now let’s not stop—
Pull down, circle round, put a hat on top.
Number six is easy to fix—
Big curve, small loop will give you six.
Number seven is really sizzlin’—
Straight across, slant down, and that’s a seven.
Number eight isn’t very straight—
Make “S” then back up for an eight.
Number nine I think you’re fine—
A loop on top of a long straight line.
Number ten we’ve reached the end—
Put a one by a zero and count again:

Thursday, July 15, 2021


Make math ACTIVE and FUN with these songs and movements.

1. Math Is Fun!

2. Number March
3. Five Little Crabs
4. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a One
5. Chant and Write
6. Sing and Spell
7. Five Little Monkeys
8. Kitty Cat – Position Scat
9. Spy a Shape
10. Shape-a-Loo
11. Days of the Week
12. Months of the Year
13. Clock Rock
14. Found a Penny
15. Everybody Do a Pattern With Me
16. Fraction Pizza
17. Numbers You Should Know
18. Country Countdown 1-20
19. Odd and Even Number Bop
20. Techno Count to 100
21. Skip Counting
22. Addition Pokey
23. Fact Families
24. Granny’s Arithmetic
25. Growing Up


Click to learn how to access these songs and bring them into your classroom.



Wednesday, July 14, 2021


Karate Writing

We’re going to say the alphabet with karate motions. For letters that start at the top dotted line we will punch up high. For letters that start at the middle dotted line we will punch out in front of us. For letters with a tail that go below the line we will give a little kick. When we have finished we will fold our hands together and bow as we say, “The alphabet.”

A – punch from waist
B – punch up in the air
C – punch from waist
D – punch up in the air
E – punch from the waist
F – punch up in the air
G – give a little kick…etc.


Letter Sort
Make a brochure by folding a sheet of paper into thirds as shown. In the top section write letters that start at the top dotted line. In the middle write letters that start at the middle dotted line. Place letters with a tail that go below the line in the bottom section.

Hint! Do this as a large group activity with younger children, but challenge older students to do this independently.

Sight Words
Spell sight words with karate writing. Say the word and then punch it out. Fold hands as you repeat the word and bow.
*Younger children will enjoy doing this with their names.
*Older students can review spelling words or vocabulary words with karate writing.

Good-bye Friends! 
See you later, alligator! 
After while, crocodile! 
In an hour, sunflower! 
Maybe two, kangaroo! 
Gotta go, buffalo! 
Adios, hippos! 
Chow, chow, brown cow! 
See you soon, baboon! 
Adieu, cockatoo! 
Better swish, jellyfish. 
Chop chop, lollipop. 
Gotta run, skeleton! 
Bye-bye, butterfly! 
Better shake, rattlesnake. 
Good-bye, my good friends! 

*This song also makes a great class book.  Let the children dedicate the book and then add the school's name as the publisher and the copyright date. The children can sign their names as “Illustrators,”  and be sure and add “The End."

Here’s a book you can download to go with the song:

Tuesday, July 13, 2021


This song will help children realize that they have the TOOLS they need to decode words.

The Tools of Good Readers
(Children repeat each line as they do in the “Rules of the Classroom.”)
The tools, the tools, the tools of good readers. (Children repeat.)
(Snap fingers and sway from left to right.)

Look, look, look at the picture. (Children repeat.)
(Point fingers to eyes.)
The tools, the tools, the tools of good readers. (Children repeat.)

Sound, sound, sound out the letters…(Point to ears.)

Go back, go back, and read it again….(Twirl hands around.)

Do you see a smaller chunk that you can read?...(Hold up thumb and index finger.)

*Make a chart with the “tools of good readers” for your classroom. Remind children to use one of 
the tools when they come to a word they don’t know.

Activities: Let children make a “Reader’s Toolbox.” Fold a piece of construction paper in half. Attach pipe cleaners for handles. Have children cut out the strategies good readers use and save them in their toolboxes.

*When children decode a word encourage them to “think out loud” by describing the strategy they used.

Who? What? Where? When? Why?
Who? What? Where? When? Why?
Who? What? Where? When? Why?
Who? What? Where? When? Why?
Ask questions when you read.

Hint!  Sing this song to the tune of “Ten Little Indians” before reading a story so children will be looking for the information:

Comprehension Sticks
What? jumbo craft sticks, markers, sock
Why? story elements, comprehension
When? Large group or small group

How? Write “Who?” “What?” “Where?” “When?” “Why?” on sticks and insert them in a sock. Throw the sock over your shoulder before reading a book to prompt the children to be active listeners. After reading the story, let children choose a stick and tell that part.

*You could also write “author, illustrator, title, beginning, middle, end” or “characters, setting, problem, resolution.”

WH Brothers
Do you know those snoopy guys? They always ask questions.
WHO wants to know the person or thing.
WHERE wants to know the place.
WHEN wants to know the time.
WHAT wants to know what’s happening.
WHY wants to know the reason.

Monday, July 12, 2021


Children can learn to recognize, read, and spell color words with this song.

Color Train
R – e – d - red
R – e – d - red.
Red bird, red head,Red heart, red bed
R – e- d - red.

B-l-u-e - Blue berries, blue eyesBlue bird, blue sky
Y-e-l-l-o-w - Yellow flowers, yellow sun,Lemon pie, bananas – yum!
G-r-e-e-n - Green grass, green grapes,Cucumbers, lizards, snakes
P-u-r-p-l-e - Purple balls, purple plumsPurple shirts, purple gum
O-r-a-n-g-e - Orange pumpkins, orange leavesOrange juice, orange trees
B –l-a-c-k - Black night, black catBlack panther, black hat
B-r-o-w-n - Brown cow, chocolate cake Brown leaves, brown rake
W-h-i-t-e - White cloud, white snowWhite rabbit, white bow
P-i-n-k - Pink ribbon, pink nose,Pink flamingo, pink rose.
T-a-n - Tan pants, tan shoesTan deer, and pancakes, too.
G-r-a-y - Gray clouds, gray house,Gray hair, gray mouse

*Make a book illustrating the different colors in the song.
*Have children hold up crayons or touch something of the appropriate color as you sing.of the *Teach children ASL signs for the colors.

Word Puzzles

Materials: sentence strips, envelopes, markers

Directions: Write sight words on sentence strips. Cut between the letters to make a puzzle. Place the puzzle pieces in an envelope. Make a balloon the appropriate color on the front of the envelope. Children remove the letters and try to put them together to make the word.
Hint! Write the word on the back of the envelope so children can self-check.

Pull and Read
Materials: sentence strips, envelopes, markers

Directions: Write sight words on 10” sections of sentence strips with a black marker. Draw a small balloon the appropriate color at the right end of each word. Seal a letter size envelope and then trim off the left end. Insert the sight words in the envelope. Children pull out one letter at a time and try to blend the sounds and identify the color word. They can self-check with the balloon at the end.

Happy Birthday Letters
Yo, A, (Hands like a rapper and dance to the beat.)
It’s your birthday.
Let’s all read
Like your birthday.
/a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ (Circle hands around as you make the sound.)
/a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/
Yo, B…etc.

*Have children stand in a circle. When the letter that their name starts with comes up in the song they get in the middle of the circle and break dance.

*Make sign language letters as you sing.
*Cut out this birthday cake and add magnetic tape to the back. Place on a magnetic board and spread magnetic letters around the cake. Children take turns choosing a letter, putting it in the cake, and leading their friends in the song.


Every time a NEW teacher uses the promo code below when they purchase, they will receive a discount of $175 (regular pricing $225) for the initial year.

Sunday, July 11, 2021


Standards will be a lot more fun with the songs on this recording.  From phonics to phonological awareness to fluency to comprehension and vocabulary - let's get started!

1.  Don’t You Just Love to Read?
2.  Color Train
3.  Deck the Room
4.  Alphabet Antics

Phonemic Awareness
5.  Nursery Rhyme Marathon
6.  Rhythm Rhyme
7.  Miss Mary Fill in the Blank
8.  Pepperoni Pizza
9.  Syllable Clap
10. Put Together Compounds
11. Word Families

12. Happy Birthday Letters
13. Who Let the Letters Out? (Open version)
14. I Know an Old Man Who Swallowed a Letter
15. Letter Box
16. Letter Round-Up
17. Sweet Vowels
18. Slide and Blend
19. Diagraph Walk
20. The Tools of Good Readers

21. Rapping Words
22. Lifetime Words
23. Punctuation Pays

Disc Two

1.  Who? What? Where? When? Why?
2.  It’s Fact and Fiction Time
3.  Where Can You Go When You Need to Know?

4.  Parts of Speech Hoedown
5.  Endings
6.  We Can Do Opposites
7.  Synonym Stomp,
8.  O, Those Contractions

9.  Ready to Write
10. Pencil Talk
11. Karate Writing
12. Writing Uppercase Letters
13. Rhyme to Write Lowercase Letters
14. Hi Ho Librario – Parts of a Book
15. Parts of a Letter
16. Good-Bye, Friends!

17. Letter Round-Up
18. Deck the Room
19. Word Families
20. Pepperoni Pizza
21. Good-Bye Friends!
22. Nursery Rhyme Marathon
23. Synonym Stomp
24. Happy Birthday Letters
25. Rhythm Rhyme
26. We Can Do Opposites

Saturday, July 10, 2021


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Take those math standards and sing and dance them!

Five Little Hotdogs

Five little hotdogs (Hold up 5 fingers.)
Frying in the pan.
The grease got hot,
And one went BAM! (Clap hands.)
Four little hotdogs… (Hold up 4 fingers.)
Three little hotdogs… (Hold up 3 fingers.)
Two little hotdogs… (Hold up 2 fingers.)
One little hotdog… (Hold up 1 finger.)
No little hotdogs (Hold up fist.)
Frying in the pan.
The pan got hot,
And it went BAM! (Clap hands and say the last word loudly.) 


*Write numbers on plastic plates and have children make the appropriate number of hotdogs from play dough.

*Change “hotdogs” to “sausages.” Or, change the rhyme to popcorn and say:
Five little kernels sizzling in the pot.
The grease got hot and one went POP!”

Download the class book and individual books here:

Zero the Hero Number Stomp
I am Zero the Hero and I’m here to say,
I love to do numbers every 10thday.
When we make sets of ten we’ll stomp the ground.
And when we reach 100, we’ll sit back down!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (Stomp!).
Let’s count another ten.
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 (Stomp!)
Two tens, let’s go some more…
Three tens, you’re catching on...
Four tens, you’re doing fine...
Five tens, you’re half way there...
Six tens, you’re on a roll...
Seven tens, what a cool game...
Eight tens, you’re doing great...
Nine tens, we’re near the end...
Ten tens is 100, now it’s time to sit down!And here's a new youtube video that my webmaster made. I love that he made "Zero the Hero" a girl.

Here's a book you can download on my website.

Friday, July 9, 2021


This is a "great" song to develop vocabulary and positive self-concepts.

We’re Great!
We’re great, but no one knows it.
No one knows it so far.
Some day they’ll realize how wonderful we are!
They’ll look at us, and point at us,
and then they’ll shout, “Hurray!”
Let’s cheer how we’re wonderful beginning with A.

A- We’re awesome.
B- We’re brave.
C- We’re creative.
D- We’re dynamic
E- We’re enthusiastic
F- We’re fantastic.
G- We’re gifted
H- We’re honest
I- We’re imaginative
J- We’re joyful.
K- We’re kind.
L- We’re lovable
M- We’re magnificent.
N- We’re nice.
O- We’re outgoing
P- We’re polite.
Q- We’re quick.
R- We’re responsible
S- We’re special.
T- We’re terrific.
U- We’re unique.
V- We’re valuable.
W- We’re wonderful.
X- We’re excellent.
Y- We’re youthful
Z- We’re zany!


Class Book
Let each child choose a letter from the song and illustrate it.  Put their pictures together to make a class book.

Dinosaur Boogie
Pterosaurs had wings and could fly. (Stretch out arms.)
He’d swoop in the swamp then up in the sky.
The ancestor of birds they say,
I wish it were here today.
Tyrannosaurus Rex, king of the swamp.
He growl and snarl, and then he’d go chomp. (Clap hands.)
He ate meat, he was a carnivore.
They’d all hide when he would roar.

Do the dinosaur boogie start - bounce around. (Bounce.)
Hands like claws, make a growling sound –Grrr! (Make hands like claws.)
Stomp, stomp, stomp the ground. (Stomp feet.)
Then wiggle and turn around. (Dance and turn around.)
Let’s do the dinosaur boogie…

Brontosaurus was the largest of all. (Point up high.)
He moved slowly so he would not fall.
He ate plants, he was an herbivore. (Pretend to pick a leaf and eat.)
He ate and ate and then ate some more.
Triceratops had three horns on his head. (Put 3 fingers up on head.)
I’d like to see one, but now they’re all dead.
Where, oh, where, did the dinosaurs go? (Hold up palms and shake head.)
I guess we’ll never know!


What does carnivore mean? Herbivore? Are you an omnivore?
Apatosaurus is another name for brontosaurus.

Give children paper, paint, markers, and other art media to create original dinosaurs.

What can you find out about dinosaurs on the internet? What happened to dinosaurs?

Students could do informative writing about dinosaurs or creative writing about what they would do if they were a dinosaur.

Thursday, July 8, 2021



I had a friend that used to say: "We didn't come for a long time; we came for a GOOD time!" That should be one of the pillars when we work with children.  We can't control many of the things in their lives, but we sure can give them a GOOD time at school!

At the end of the day, KIDS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!!! You'll have fun singing and dancing with your children with the songs on this recording.

1. Kids Just Wanna Have Fun
2. We’re Great!
3. Alphabet Train
4. Letter Tales
5. The Vowel Family
6. Zero the Hero Number Stomp
7. Going Over the Sea
8. Dinosaur Boogie
9. Granny at the Fair
10. Miss Mary Mack
11. Yogi Bear
12. In the Woods There Was a Tree
13. A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea
14. Pizza Hut
15. Five Little Hotdogs
16. Read a Book
17. What a Wonderful World