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Tuesday, July 20, 2021


If you want to have a great day, then start with a song!

Time to Get Up
It’s time to get up, it’s time to get up, (Rocking horse back and forth.)
Get up on your feet this morning.
It’s time to get up, it’s time to get up,
Get ready to learn today.
Get that blood flowing.
Get your heart going.
Move those arms and legs
And wake up your brain!
Power march!

Second Time - Hold your reins and do squats.

Third Time - Backward lunge and then salute.

Activities: Why is it important to wake up your body and brain every morning?
How do you get your day started?
How do you feel if you don’t get enough sleep?
Why do you need to eat a good breakfast?
Give children a paper plate and ask them to draw a picture of a healthy breakfast.

Here is another morning song that will help children “center” themselves and get ready to learn. As they practice breathing and stretching different body parts they will naturally calm down and focus.

Morning Stretch
It feels so good to start the day by stretching. (Stretch up high on toes.)
Breath in deeply and then let the air out. (Slowly breath in and out.)
Breath in fresh air – push the stale air out.
Stand up tall. (Stand with crown of head reaching up.)
Look left then right. (Slowly look left and then right.)
Roll your neck around (Gently roll your head around in one direction.)
So it’s not too tight. (Roll head in opposite direction.)
Shoulders up and circle around (Shoulders up as if shrugging and around.)
Other direction without a sound. (Opposite direction.)
Slowly breath in and lift your arms up high. (Lift arms up and then down.)
Let the air out and bring your arms by your sides.
Now stretch your arms out (Stretch arms out in a T.)
Big circles make. (Make big circles with arms.)
Other direction, (Make circles in the opposite direction.)
Then swish and shake. (Swing arms like a dishrag left and right.)
Bend to the left with right arm over head (Straighten right arm and bend.)
Next on the right with left arm instead. (Straighten left arm and bend.)
Slowly… (Lift arms and breath in. Lower arms and exhale.)
Touch your toes, then stretch high in the air. (Touch toes then up.)
Once more touch toes, lift up your cares.
Heel up and bend down first on the right. (Right heel up and stretch.)
Then left heel up and bend with toes in sight. (Left heel stretch.)
Slowly… (Lift arms and breath in. Lower arms and exhale.)
Stretch the right calf, and then the other side. (Bend right knee, then left.)
Stand tall as can be and hug yourself with pride. (Wrap arms around self.)
Bring the corners of your mouth up toward your eyes.
Think of something happy and give big smile! (Squeeze body and smile.)