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Monday, July 12, 2021


Children can learn to recognize, read, and spell color words with this song.

Color Train
R – e – d - red
R – e – d - red.
Red bird, red head,Red heart, red bed
R – e- d - red.

B-l-u-e - Blue berries, blue eyesBlue bird, blue sky
Y-e-l-l-o-w - Yellow flowers, yellow sun,Lemon pie, bananas – yum!
G-r-e-e-n - Green grass, green grapes,Cucumbers, lizards, snakes
P-u-r-p-l-e - Purple balls, purple plumsPurple shirts, purple gum
O-r-a-n-g-e - Orange pumpkins, orange leavesOrange juice, orange trees
B –l-a-c-k - Black night, black catBlack panther, black hat
B-r-o-w-n - Brown cow, chocolate cake Brown leaves, brown rake
W-h-i-t-e - White cloud, white snowWhite rabbit, white bow
P-i-n-k - Pink ribbon, pink nose,Pink flamingo, pink rose.
T-a-n - Tan pants, tan shoesTan deer, and pancakes, too.
G-r-a-y - Gray clouds, gray house,Gray hair, gray mouse

*Make a book illustrating the different colors in the song.
*Have children hold up crayons or touch something of the appropriate color as you sing.of the *Teach children ASL signs for the colors.

Word Puzzles

Materials: sentence strips, envelopes, markers

Directions: Write sight words on sentence strips. Cut between the letters to make a puzzle. Place the puzzle pieces in an envelope. Make a balloon the appropriate color on the front of the envelope. Children remove the letters and try to put them together to make the word.
Hint! Write the word on the back of the envelope so children can self-check.

Pull and Read
Materials: sentence strips, envelopes, markers

Directions: Write sight words on 10” sections of sentence strips with a black marker. Draw a small balloon the appropriate color at the right end of each word. Seal a letter size envelope and then trim off the left end. Insert the sight words in the envelope. Children pull out one letter at a time and try to blend the sounds and identify the color word. They can self-check with the balloon at the end.

Happy Birthday Letters
Yo, A, (Hands like a rapper and dance to the beat.)
It’s your birthday.
Let’s all read
Like your birthday.
/a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ (Circle hands around as you make the sound.)
/a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/
Yo, B…etc.

*Have children stand in a circle. When the letter that their name starts with comes up in the song they get in the middle of the circle and break dance.

*Make sign language letters as you sing.
*Cut out this birthday cake and add magnetic tape to the back. Place on a magnetic board and spread magnetic letters around the cake. Children take turns choosing a letter, putting it in the cake, and leading their friends in the song.


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