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Friday, July 30, 2021


That's all folks, because this is my last recording.  Mark Dye who did all of my wonderful arrangements retired and I'm out of songs.  It's been a fun ride, and thanks to you for keeping these songs alive!

1. Move It and Get Fit!
2. Feeling Fine
3. Shake a Hand
4. My Flag
5. Be a Buddy
6. Twisting the Week
7. Month March
8. Gooo Letters!
9. Letters in My Hand
10. Letters You Should Know A-M
11. Letters You Should Know N-Z
12. Color Box
13. Opposite Cheer
14. Preposition March
15. We Like Books
16. This Is How You Learn to Read
17. Alphabet Remix
18. Karate Chop Skip Count
19. Pump Up to 100
20. Let’s Move!
21. Bubblegum Dance
22. Giddy Up
23. Steppin’ Up
24. Dancing in My Chair
25. Hawaiian Cross Crawl
26. Stretch and Breath
27. Bolero Balance
28. Toodaloo