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Monday, July 5, 2021


Teachers are “sales” people selling kids on learning and school. Here is a simple little song where you can insert the different activities to spark interest in the school day

I Like to Come to School
(Tune: “The Farmer in the Dell”)
I like to come to school.
I like to come to school.
I like to learn and play each day,
I like to come to school.

I like to read books…
I like to play with blocks…
I like to make new friends…

*Invite the children to name different activities they are looking forward to doing at school and sing them in the song.

*Make a class book where each child draws a picture and dictates a sentence about what they like about school.  Let children "check out" the book and take it home to share with their families.

Apple Tree (You can say it or sing it to the tune of “This Old Man.”)
Way up high in the tree, (Point up.)
One red apple smiled down at me. (Hold up 1 finger and then smile.)
I shook that tree as hard as I could. (Pretend to shake a tree.)
Down came an apple, (Bring down one hand.)
Mmm! Mmm! Good! (Pat tummy.)

Adapt the number of apples, or use other fruits:
Two yellow pears… (Hold up 2 fingers.)
Three purple plums… (Hold up 3 fingers.)
4 orange peaches… (Hold up 4 fingers.)
5 green limes… (Hold up 5 fingers.)

Make a flannel board from a file folder to use as a follow up for this rhyme.


*Bring apples for snack. 

*Pick out seeds from the apples. How many seeds do they have? What would happen if you planted the seeds? Plant some and see what happens.

*Talk about where apples come from. How many parts of an apple can the children name?

*Make a list of words that describe apples.

*Purchase several different varieties of apples. Cut them into bite size pieces so everyone gets a taste. Make a graph of which apple the children liked best.

*Make apple prints. After cutting the apple in half let the halves dry on a paper towel. Dip into paint and press on newsprint or newspaper.