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Monday, July 19, 2021


All I can say is I LOVE GUACAMOLE! Who would have thought that a silly camp song would turn into a YouTube hit with teenagers? I realize that they are making fun of me, but if I make them smile and give them a happy memory of their own childhoods then it's all good!

Besides THE BANANA DANCE, there are active learning songs for letters, math, and just plain FUN!

1. Time to Get Up (Vocal)
2. Time to Get Up (Instrumental)
3. Hello Friends! (Vocal)
4. Hello Friends! (Instrumental)
5. Morning Stretch (Vocal)
6. Morning Stretch (Instrumental)
7. ABC Kick Box (Vocal)
8. ABC Kick Box (Instrumental)
9. Letter Pops (Vocal)
10. Letter Pops (Instrumental)
11. Phonercise (Vocal)
12. Phonercise (Instrumental)
13. Cheering Letters (Vocal)
14. Cheering Letters (Instrumental)
15. Macarena Count to 100 (Vocal)
16. Macarena Count to 100 (Instrumental)
17. This Is the Way We Exercise (Vocal)
18. This Is the Way We Exercise (Instrumental)
19. Seven Days of Boot Camp (Vocal)
20. Seven Days of Boot Camp (Instrumental)
21. Sports Around the Year (Vocal)
22. Sports Around the Year (Instrumental)
23. Jump Up, Turn Around, Cross That Midline (Vocal)
24. Jump Up, Turn Around, Cross That Midline (Instrumental)
25. Hand Jive (Vocal)
26. Hand Jive (Instrumental)
27. I Am Slowly Going Crazy (Vocal)
28. I Am Slowly Going Crazy (Instrumental)

Disk Two

29. Chair Can Can (Vocal)
30. Chair Can Can (Instrumental)
31. My Bonnie Bounce (Vocal)
32. My Bonnie Bounce (Instrumental)
33. Wiggle Willy (Vocal)
34. Wiggle Willy (Instrumental)
35. Banana Dance (Vocal)
36. Banana Dance (Instrumental)
37. Kids on the March (Vocal)
38. Kids on the March (Instrumental)
39. Jump Rope Rally (Vocal)
40. Jump Rope Rally (Instrumental)
41. Zoo Movements (Vocal)
42. Zoo Movements (Instrumental)
43. Patty Cake Party (Vocal)
44. Patty Cake Party (Instrumental)
45. Line Dance (Vocal)
46. Line Dance (Instrumental)
47. Head, Muscles, Baby 1-2-3 (Vocal)
48. Head, Muscles, Baby 1-2-3 (Instrumental)
49. Balancing Act (Vocal)
50. Balancing Act (Instrumental)
51. Tighten and Relax (Vocal)
52. Tighten and Relax (Instrumental)
53. Tony Chestnut (Vocal)
54. Tony Chestnut (Instrumental)
55. It’s All Good! (Vocal)
56. It’s All Good! (Instrumental)

Click for ways to access these songs that inspire your students to Get Moving.

Volume 1

Volume 2