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Sunday, July 18, 2021


 Dr. Jean’s Blog Has New Sign Up Link

Back in January of 2012, Dr. Jean launched her blog with hopes of providing useful and timely information about early childhood learning to teachers and parents. At that time, her blogging software included a method for anyone to subscribe and receive notifications about new materials whenever she published.

Recently, during winter 2021, we received notice that the subscription service would be discontinued. What to do? Well, after some research and study, Dr. Jean settled on a service called Follow.It. We were able to download all of the subscriber info from the old service and then have it uploaded into the new service.

Follow.It Tech Support actually did most of the work for us. Now, we have all of the previous subscribers enrolled in the new service, and we have a new “widget” on her blog where interested folks can submit an email address and begin receiving notices about each newly published issue of the blog.

Some of you may have missed an issue or maybe more than one issue during the change over. All should be good now, though.

The new subscriber service has features we were unable to offer previously. Most people won’t want to make any changes, but the feature to do so is part of this new software.

If you wish, you may visit your account and configure it to receive your emails at a different time or to change the format of those emails.

You can update your user name, your email address and your password.

You may also encounter mention of plans and fees. That section does not apply to people who are just following Dr. Jean’s blog and reading it. There is no charge for being part of Dr. Jean’s community. Those plans and fees are for someone who wants to host a blog. If you are interested in having your own blog, then that section might be for you.

We hope that from this point onward, everyone will be receiving an email that provides a link to Dr. Jean’s most recent posting each time she sends out a new blog entry.

If you haven't subscribed yet and you would like to keep up to date with all of Dr. Jean's daily ideas and activities, just enter your email and click the Subscribe button on the upper right side of this screen. You will be able to set some options for delivery if you wish. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Count, sing, and kick up your heels with this song.

Country Countdown 1-20
Tell the kids to put on their cowboy and cowgirl boots and hats before you begin.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 (Heel tap left and right as you count.)

Turn around and count back down. (Turn around.)
20 19 18 …..

*Why should you ask children to count forwards and backwards? This will help them understand one more, one less, and so forth.

Activities: Write numerals 1-20 on index cards and pass out to the children to hold up as you sing.

Addition Pokey
Put 1 finger in. (Hold up finger on right hand.)
Put 1 finger more. (Hold up 1 finger on left hand.)
Shake them altogether (Roll around.)
And then lay them on the floor. (Place on floor or table.)
Add them both together, (Bring hands together.)
And you don’t want to stall.
Now you have 2 in all.

2 fingers…3 fingers…4 fingers…5 fingers