Friday, November 2, 2012


In just a few days we will know who our new President will be!!  If you go to my website this month you will find a FREE download of "The Presidents" song. 

The Presidents  (Tune:  “Ten Little Indians”)

History’s full of people and times.
We can learn them with this rhyme.
Presidents of the USA
Have made our country great today.

Washington    Adams         Jefferson     Madison
Monroe         Adams         Jackson          Van Buren
Harrison        Tyler           Polk                Taylor
Fillmore         Pierce          and                  Buchanan

Lincoln         Johnson         Grant              Hayes
Garfield        Arthur         Cleveland         Harrison
Cleveland      McKinley        Roosevelt       Taft
Wilson         Harding           and                 Coolidge

Hoover         Roosevelt         Truman         Eisenhower
Kennedy       Johnson            Nixon            Ford
Carter         Regan               Bush             Clinton
Bush            and                  Obama

*Ask children to think about what they would do if they were President.  Have them draw pictures and write stories that you can make into a class book.

*Look at the Presidents on various coins and bills.  Take play money and let children cut out a photo of their own face and put it on the play money.  Run off several copies on green paper for them to share with friends.
*Visit to learn lots of fascinating facts about the Presidents.