Saturday, May 19, 2018


This is a great book you can make to help children become familiar with their city/town. 

Lovely City
Here's the book that I made several years ago about Charleston. 
You will need construction paper and photos of your city, school, state symbols, and so forth. I used a rhyme similar to “Brown Bear” for each page.

Charleston, Charleston, what do you see?
There’s ___site____.
Come with me.

On the last page I wrote:

Do you like Charleston?
Do you like your city?
“Yes,” said Dr. Jean.
“I LOVE IT!” said she. 

(I used my pirate picture to add a smile!)

On the last page of your book you could write:
Do you like (name of your city)?
Do you like your city?
"Yes," said the children.
"It's the best place for me!"

My School
You could tie this in with technology by inviting the children to take photos of different places in their school or community.  This would be a wonderful book to share with your new group of students when school starts.

End with:
(Teacher, Teacher) who do you see?
I see all my new friends ready to learn with me!