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Friday, September 6, 2019



There are some things I just cannot part with…such as my favorite books I loved to read to my own children and the children in my classroom. Like anything, the teacher adds the magic to a book. If you love a book, then I can guarantee you that your enthusiasm will make your listeners love it as well.

When Kalina visited a few years ago I got out my “antique” collection to share with her. I just couldn’t let her grow up and not know about Ping or Sylvester or Sal. The world has changed, but Kalina and I delighted/devoured/enjoyed/savored/appreciated the books as if it time had stopped.  Reading these books was like giving her a little bit of my life.


The interesting thing is that as I was reading the books I looked at them through my “standard” lenses. I didn’t realize when I read Morris the Moose books that I was introducing double meanings of words.  Chicken Soup with Rice was perfect for phonological awareness and Ping showed what life is like on the Yangtze River. We counted the dogs in MadelineSylvester was exploding with vocabulary, and we recalled the sequence of events in The Mitten. It is true that you can still teach children everything with a good book. But, I didn’t have to TEACH children with the books – they will just learned in a natural and meaningful way.







Good books are like good friends that you want to visit again and again!

On a positive note, my daughter went to the National Book Festival in Washington, DC, last weekend.  She waited in line an hour to get R.J. Palcio's (WONDER) autograph.  She said it was exciting to be around so many people who STILL loved books!