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Friday, May 13, 2022


We are so busy trying to give children things we didn’t have ~
that we are failing to give them what we did have!!!

Isn’t that a profound quote? We are in such a hurry to push children and academics that we often fail to remember that they are just little children. Summer is a good time to PAUSE and reflect on your own childhood. What special memories do you have and how can you pass them on to your children?

I’m excited about sharing these activity cards with ideas I’ve collected over the past six decades as a child, teacher, parent. You will find games, songs, crafts, recipes, and activities to build lasting memories in young children. UNPLUG the electronics and PLUG into good old-fashioned FUN! And, the amazing thing is you will actually be nurturing children’s brains with these multi-sensory activities. You will be engaging the WHOLE child as you develop oral language, social skills, large and small motor skills, and emotional well-being.

Please share these with your families, friends, relatives - EVERYONE!  You can use these ideas in summer school, Bible school, camp, a family trip, home school…go for it! 

Here's a like to download all the activity cards:
Click to download activity cards

Special thanks to Carolyn Kisloski (Holding Hands and Sticking Together – for her magic touch with the graphics and design!

The link goes to the first set of cards called LET'S MAKE SOMETHING!
You'll find some simple craft projects and homemade toys that children can enjoy making and playing.

1. Wonder Watchers

2. Hummers

3. Paper Plate Party

4. Magic Wand

5. Cardboard Rollers

6. Magazine Puppets

7. Box Top Puzzles

8. Sewing Cards

9. Sweet Baby

10. Sock Puppets

11. Flannel Board

12. Art Easel

13. Play Dough

14. Play on with Dough

15. Goop

16. Flubber

17. Giant Bubbles

18. Mud Pies

19. Shaving Cream Painting

20. Silly Putty