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Friday, December 15, 2023



Here's a little song to sing when a new child joins your classroom. It goes to the tune of “Good Night, Ladies.” 

Hello, (child’s name).
Hello, (child’s name).
Hello, (child’s name).
We're glad you're in our room.

This was a silly routine that my class used to introduce their names. We'd sit in a circle and I'd put a block in the middle. We'd go around the circle and one child at a time would stand and jump over the block as we sang their name to "Jack Be Nimble."

(Child's name) be nimble.
(Child's name) be quick.
(Child's name) jump over the candlestick.

Good-Bye Book
Moving away or going to a new school is painful for children. We’ve all felt that sense of loss when we have moved or said good-bye to friends. This book would give children a meaningful way to let their friend know they will be missed. 
Directions:  Ask each child to draw a picture for their friend who is leaving. (They could write a sentence or dictate a sentence about that child.) Make a cover and staple the children's drawings to create a tangible memory.

*Hint! A class photo would make a great cover.

Autograph Shirt
Invite the child who is leaving to bring a large white T-shirt. Friends can sign their names and draw pictures with permanent markers.

We Missed You!
Isn’t it nice to be missed? If a child has been absent, they will feel special when they return to school and you sing this song to the tune of “The Bear Went over the Mountain.”

Welcome back (child’s name).
Welcome back (child’s name).
Welcome back (child’s name).
We’re glad you’re here today.