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Sunday, March 3, 2024


I journeyed to 
The rainbow’s end 
And found not gold, 
But you, my friends! 

Thanks for being my friends! You might not find the leprechaun’s pot, but friendship is better than silver or gold! We used to sing a song in Brownies that went like this: 

Make new friends,
But keep the old.
One is silver and
The other’s gold.

The song reminds me of how I try to keep the “old” songs, stories, rhymes, and games alive for you and children. You also have to make friends with “new” technology and standards. Embrace the “new”, but keep your feet grounded in the “old.”

Leprechaun's Magic Wand

I don't have a pot of gold for you, but here’s a little leprechaun’s magic wand to make tomorrow. Take a square sheet of paper and color on all four sides as shown. Turn over and start at one corner and roll up tightly. Tape the end. Taaa daaa!

*Students can use the wand to read the room. One student points to a word (letter, color, shape) while a friend reads.

*Students can track print in big books and on charts with the wand.

*You can do invisible writing in the air with the wand.

*Use the wand as a springboard for stories about what they would do if they were a leprechaun with a magic wand.

*When you want the class to be quiet wave the wand in a circle and say, “Abracadabra.” Tell the children that when they feel the magic they will be quiet and listen to you. If a child isn't listening wave the wand over their head and say, "Here's a little more magic for you!"