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Thursday, August 4, 2011


It's a beautiful morning here in Tulsa and I think I'm going to stand in the parking lot and sing, "Ooookkkaaalllahhhoommmaaaa!!!" at the top of my lungs!  Just kidding!  Anyway, I'm excited about sharing at the Osage Tribe tomorrow, but today I have a smile because I don't have to get on a plane!  :)

Here are some ideas that I collected in my backpack this week.  Enjoy!

A Fuzzy Little Caterpillar  (Leanne Hutchison, Jackson, TN)
(Tune:  "I Had a Little Turtle")

A fuzzy little caterpillar wiggled right by me.   (Wiggle index finger.)
He wiggled long.  (Wiggle finger away.)
He wiggled short.  (Wiggle finger close.)
He wiggled right at me.  (Wiggle finger at your face.)
I put him in a box.  (Cup hands.)
"Don't go away I said!"  (Point finger.)
But when I opened up the box
There was a butterfly instead!  (Clasp thumbs and wiggle fingers like a butterfly.)

*You can adapt this song for "I had a little tadpole...I put him in a jar...  Don't go away I said. . But when I opened up the jar a frog hopped out instead!"

Chant Sight Words  (Becky Ashton, Indianapolis, IN)

HE  - muscles up and say "h"
         muscles up and say "e"
         flex muscles and say "HE"

SHE - flick hair on "s"
         flick hair on "h"
         flick hair on "e"
         hands on hips and say "SHE"

See You Around  (Sorry, I didn't get this teacher's name!)

See you around.  (Take index finger and draw an invisble circle in the air.)
If you don't turn square.  (Index fingers touch and then go in opposite directions to form a square.)

Yummy Words  (Sarah Kilfoil Indianpolis, IN)

Let each child select a favorite word - yummy word!  It can be a favorite food, something they like to do, etc.  Place the words in a pocket chart or word wall and use for attendance.

Sarah teaches at a Christian school and helps her children learn their right hand by calling it their "praying hand" because it's the hand they use to make the sign of a cross.

Surprise Can  (Julie Wiegman & Anne Greer, St. Jude Catholic School)

Each week place a different letter on top of a paint can.  (You can purchase an empty paint can at Lowe's or Home Depot.)  Select one child each night to take home the surprise can.  Ask parents to assist their child in finding four items at home that begin with the letter.  Put the four itmes in the can along with clues about each object.  At school the next day, the child (with help from the teacher) gives clues as classmates try to guess what the objects are.   Example:  This is something that is a fruit. This is round and red.  It grows on a tree.  A-Apple!

Onsets and Rimes  (Jennifer Evans, Muncie, IN)

Use plastic blinds and cut 2 slits horzontally on the left side of one blind about 1" apart.  The cuts should be about 1" from the left side of the blind.  Take another blind and use it as the slide.  Write the rime on the blind with the slits and the onsets on the blind that you slide through.

Back to Back  (I couldn't find the teacher's name who gave this to me?)

This is a great brain break that a teacher in Indiapolis demonstrated with us.  Every child needs a partner and touches body parts as the teacher calls out:
back to back  (touch backs)
shoulder to shoulder (touch shoulders)
elbow to elbow
knee to knee
head to head
wrist to wrist
feet to feet
hip to hip
Continue calling out vaious body parts...
End with "bottom to chair" as children sit down!

Positive Attention Grabber (Erin Hensley)

When Erin wants to focus her children's attention she says:
Be as loving as you can
As often as you can
For as many peopl as you can
As long as you live!

Can You Dig It?  (Rachel Lawrence, Marion City Schools)

Hide magnetic numerals in a sand table.  Each student is given a sheet with math facts appropriate to their level.  During math centers they have to do their facts and then dig out the answers (magnetic letters) in the sand.
*You can also hide letters and have children spell words.

Spelling Trays (Rachel Lawrence)

Prepare "spelling trays" in plastic drawers.  Children choose a tray and then take it to their desk and spell words using one of the materials below:
*Wikki sticks
*magnetic letters
*puzzle letters
*black light pens (security pen with black light key chain)
*alphabet stickers
*alphabet blocks
*dry erase board