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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


What kid doesn’t like pizza? And what kid won’t be excited about doing math with this pizza project? It’s simple to make and multi-functional.
*If you’ve never worked with fun foam before you definitely need to buy a pack for this and other games. You can buy it at Walmart or any craft store, and you don’t have to laminate it.

Why? sorting; sets; numerals; addition; subtraction, patterns; following directions; writing how to

What? fun foam (red, yellow, green, brown, black, white), pie pan, red felt, index cards, book ring

How? Cut toppings for your pizza from fun foam.
            Sausage – brown
            Peppers – green
            Cheese – yellow
            Pepperoni – red
            Olives – black
            Mushrooms – white
            (Store the patterns in a zip bag.)
Cover the bottom of the pie pan with red felt.
*Let children sort the toppings. 
*Give them numeral cards and ask them to make sets.
*Can they make a pattern with the toppings?
*Give them addition and subtraction facts and ask them to work out the problems with the toppings.
*Make recipe cards similar to the ones shown for the children to follow.
*Can they count how many ingredients in all on their pizza?
*Have children make up their own recipe cards.
You deserve a pizza cheer!
Make a pizza. (Right palm on left.)
Make a pizza. (Left palm on right.)
Cheeseiola. (Pretend to pull cheese from your mouth.)
Mama Mia! (Twirl one hand in the air.)