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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


“Sometimes looking into a classroom is a bit like looking into a beehive: the uninformed visitor might see lots of bees moving in many directions with no apparent logic, but the beekeeper knows what each bee is doing and how the activity fits within the overall

YOU are all beekeepers and you know that your little bees are learning and growing when they are talking and buzzing around. However, many supervisors and visitors don’t “get it.” I truly worry about children’s brains because they were not designed to sit in front of a screen. They were designed to move and talk and sing and touch and explore and build and make messes and feel. The article below supports the value of PLAY and raises the red flag about too much screen time. This is a MUST read for every parent, administrator, supervisor, school board member, and person who cares about children! Please share, share, share!!!

Community Playthings will even send you a free copy of this book, which will touch your heart in a profound way!
And here’s a finger play to share with your little bees this week.

Here is a beehive, (Hold up fist.)
But where are the bees. (Shake head.)
Hiding inside
where nobody sees.
Soon they will come
out of their hive.
One, two, three, four, five. (Slowly hold up one finger at a time.)

Here is a beehive, (Hold up fist.)
But where are the bees.
Flying around
all the flowers and trees. (Open and wiggle fingers.)
Soon they will come
home from their fun.
Five, four, three, two, one. (Slowly put fingers down to make a fist.)